Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 21 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 21

This is the Section 1 Module 21 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 21

1. The stage followed by the output complementary in Op-Amps functional block diagram

level shifter

2. Transistor arrangement that operates like a Darlington but uses a combination of NPN and PNP transistor instead of both NPN.

feedback pair

3. Distortion that is due to the inability of an amplifier to amplify equally well all the frequencies present at the input signal

Amplitude Distortion

4. In a transformer, converts alternating emf to dc


5. The frequency at which the open loop gain of an Op-Amp is 0.707 times at very low frequency

break frequency

6. Op-Amps whose internal transistor biasing can be controlled externally are categories as

Programmable Op-Amp

7. FM receiver intermediate frequency

FM has high IF than AM receiver

8. Hierarchal structure, used in distributing, searching the internet


9. Good amplifier has

very high input resistance

10. A CMOS semiconductor IC employs

combination of N-channel and P-channel

11. An IGBT used in

high voltage application

12. Transistor in cutoff and saturation region operates as


13. In electronic converter, what signal is mostly used to trigger the active device

square wave

14. Produces an output frequency that can be varied by a control voltage


15. Ratio of the amplifier between the input terminal and to the gain for the common mode signal component

Common Mode Rejection Ratio

16. A 6 lead acid cell has an output voltage of

12 V

17. A 6 carbon zinc cell has an output voltage of

9 V

18. Dual in line or DIL package is designated as


19. First browser


20. Birthplace of World Wide Web


21. Difference between MOSFET and JFET

JFET has PN junction

22. Difference between SCS and SCR

it has two gate terminals

23. Bar code reader is an example of

input device

24. Bar code is in ________ of the product


25. A silver cadmium cell has a nominal voltage rating of

1.05 V

26. What do you call an amplifier that has a least distortion

Class A

27. Which type of amplifier circuit has a Q-point exactly at cut off when there is no signal

Class B

28. Q-point of Class C Amplifier

Below cutoff

29. Q-point of Class AB Amplifier

slightly above cutoff

30. Which type of amplifier circuit has a crossover distortion

Class B

31. If an Op-Amp is used to amplify small ac signals, what parameter should you greatly consider to ensure better performance?

Frequency Response

32. Distortion that is due to the inability of an amplifier to have the desire linear relation to the input

Non Linear Distortion

33. Recorded message sent by telephone

Voice mail

34. Full wave rectifier has a dc voltage of

0.636 Vmax

35. Processing transaction in group

Batch Processing

36. File of stored web sites

Cookie File

37. Can tie network together in a wide area


38. In self biased JFET, the gate is at


39. Transformer is an efficient device because it is

a static device

40. Zener diode, Zener Voltage of 3.6 V is in

Zener Breakdown

41. Percentage of copper loss in a transformer

85 %

42. Transformer has a great loss of

Copper Loss

43. Persuading people to get password

Social Engineering

44. Common gate CG differs from Common source and common drain

very low input resistance

45. Voltage generated in the armature winding


46. The magnitude of the Op-Amp input offset voltage before it can be classified as a low input offset voltage Op-Amp

0.2 mV

47. Computer crimes

discovered accidentally

48. Monostable multivibrator

resistor and capacitor combination

49. Transistor Configuration of a cascoded amplifier

common emitter and common base

50. In paralleling generator, _______ is very important.

phase angle

51. Balance Modulation also known as

Suppressed Carrier Frequency

52. Instrumentation amplifier uses in

high noise environment

53. Differential Amplifier, Single –Ended has

One input is grounded and signal to the other

54. Double Ended Differential Amplifier has

opposite polarity in both input

55. To increase the speed

Parallel Processing

56. In both input is zero, ideally an Op-Amp has an output of


57. If two wave have the same frequency and the same amplitude but opposite phase the composite wave is


58. Internal resistance of photodiode

decrease in light intensity with reverse bias

59. Charge and discharge of RC network

Relaxation Oscillation

60. What is meant by 20 dB/ decade roll off

decrease by 10 dB per decade

61. Giving insulted word


62. A 9V-Flat, has battery in series of


63. What is true about the external frequency compensation capacitor?

the lower the value, the wider its bandwidth

64. What is the purpose of a level shifter in Op-Amp

to set and/or adjust the output voltage to zero when input signal is zero

65. Primarily, Op-Amps are operated with bipolar power supply, however, we can also use polarity power supply by

Generating a reference voltages to ground


IP switch

67. Dirt in the commutator may cause

excessive sparking

68. The approximate value of the bias current compensating resistor in op-amp circuits is

Equal to the pallel combination of the input and feedback resistors

69. Damper winding are used in alternators to

prevent hunting

70. Used in suddenly heavy loads for short duration

Commulative compounded motor

71. A commulative compounded motor does not run on dangerous speed at light loads because of the presence of

shunt winding

72. Motor with highest starting torque

series motor

73. The frequency of the system were several alternators are parallel can be increase simultaneously by

increasing the rpm of prime movers

74. The voltage of the system were several alternators are parallel can be increase simultaneously by

increasing the field excitation

75. Synchronous motor has

dc generator supply dc excitation rotating field

76. Low frequency response of amplifier uses

coupling capacitor

77. Sequencing file transaction can be updated


78. “what you are” criterion in computer system


79. High outgoing signal do not interfere on low incoming signal


80. Safeguard against theft of data


81. Voltage gain of OTA

transconductance and load resistor

82. Which of the following does not affect the capacitance of a capacitor

the frequency

83. Bandwidth of amplifier

critical frequency

84. Hashing to get and address is a process of aplying a formula in


85. Self excited tank circuit is divide with input and feedback by a capacitor

colpitts oscillator

86. Changes personal computer as a terminal devices


87. Use to connect personal computer and computer resources


88. Centralize processing system but control its terminal

a tele processing system

89. A RAID of duplicating data

Data mirroring

90. Time required to position access arm

seek time

91. A sabotage in certain condition


92. A four layer device turn on

if its exceed a forward breakover voltage

93. Drain current in the constant-current region increases when

Gate to source bias voltage decrease

94. Most of the processing are done by the server


95. Triangular wave form passed a differentiator produces

square waveform

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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