Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 15 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 15

This is the Section 2 Module 15 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 15

1. What is the refresh rate of DRAMs?

Ans. 2ms

2. What is the camera used to capture small amounts of substances?

Ans. Compton Camera

3. What are the two most common oscillators?

Ans. Wien – Bridge and Phase – Shift

4. What is produced when flip flops are connected in a ring type configuration?

Ans. Twisted Ring

5. What is a flip – flop with the output same as the input?

Ans. D Flip Flop

6. What is a subjective quantity?

Ans. Precision

7. What do you call the exactness of a particular motion in the robotic arm?

Ans. Accuracy

8. What is SCARA used for?

Ans. Assembly

9. Why is SCARA attractive in the industry?

Ans. It is relatively cheaper

10. What instrument is used to measure magnetic field?

Ans. Magnetometer

11. What is the measure of the output of logic gates?

Ans. Fan – Out

12. What do you call a Wien – Bridge oscillator with inductors?

Ans. Wien – Inductance Bridge

13. What is the bridge used to measure low resistances?

Ans. Kelvin Bridge

14. What is a 4 capacitance bridge?

Ans. Schering Bridge

15. What is the present in a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)?

Ans. Standby Power Supply

16. What is the waveform generated in a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)?

Ans. Sawtooth Wave

17. In what signal is the slope proportional to the input signal?

Ans. Sine Wave

18. With no mutual inductance, how are inductors in series equivalent?

Ans. Resistors in series

19. What is the advantage of a carbon film resistor?

Ans. No Inductance

20. What is the advantage of a wirewound resistor?

Ans. No capacitance and inductance

21. What law states that the algebraic sum of current entering and leaving a node are equal?

Ans. KCL

22. What law states that the current in any circuit is directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance?

Ans. Ohm’s Law

23. What law states that the forces of two electrons are equal to the product of their charges and inversely proportional to the square of their distance?

Ans. Coulomb’s 2nd Law

24. What law states that the force is inversely proportional to the square of distance in gravitational objects?

Ans. Inverse Square Law

25. How is the content of an EPROM erased?

Ans. Applying UV

26. What is the advantage of an Electromagnet over a permanent magnet?

Ans. Electromagnet is On/Off – Able

27. What is the fastest MOS?


28. How can an NMOS be interfaced with a CMOS?

Ans. By using a pull – up resistor

29. What is the quantity that increases with an increase in area in liquids?

Ans. Surface Tension

30. Biometrics is used for Verification, Identification, Security

31. When can a DRAM still contain memory?

Ans. As long as there is power and it is periodically refreshed

32. What does a decade counter produce?

Ans. 1 output pulse per 10 input pulses

33. What is an op – amp without feedback that does compare two voltages?

Ans. Comparator

34. What is the holding voltage of PMOS?

Ans. 15V

35. What is the turn off voltage of HMS?

Ans. 15V

36. What is the supply voltage of CMOS?

Ans. 25V

37. What logic gate goes high when one input becomes low?

Ans. NAND Gate

38. What is a 1 input comparator?

Ans. XNOR Gate

39. What logic gate produces a high output when one or more inputs is high?

Ans. OR Gate

40. What is a one – change code?

Ans. Gray Code

41. What is the set of rules used by computers to communicate?

Ans. Network Protocols

42. What is the scheme that utilizes a single head computer that controls dependent computers?

Ans. Hierarchical Network

43. What is the motion of a robot that has a particular in a single motion?

Ans. Positive Stop Movement

44. What is the use of an MSI encoder?

Ans. Check the input

45. What is the typical compensating capacitance of op – amps?

Ans. 3-33pF

46. What is a circuit capable of producing pulsating current or voltage?

Ans. Oscillator

47. What scheme is utilized in printers to reduce hanging?

Ans. Spooling

48. What is the ability of an oscillator to sustain oscillations?

Ans. Flywheel Effect

49. What is the LF157A?

Ans. Bifet Diff Amp

50. What is the best regulator circuit in the industry?

Ans. Series Regulator

51. What is the output of a TTL circuit with all 1s as an input?

Ans. Binary 0

52. What is the unity gain frequency of the LM741C?

Ans. 1MHz

53. What is the ideal capacitor used for filter circuits?

Ans. Electrolytic Capacitors

54. What can a filter circuit easily rectify?

Ans. High Frequency Pulsating DC

55. What does a power supply without a filter produce?

Ans. Pulsating DC

56. How can you protect a circuit from high voltages?

Ans. Installing a Snubber Circuit

57. How can you turn off an SCR without the common usages?

Ans. Using a Snubber Circuit

58. What is the minimum current in an SCR to keep it on?

Ans. Holding Current

59. What converts DC to AC?

Ans. Inverter

60. What is used in cold welding?

Ans. Pressure

61. What layer is present in semiconductors?

Ans. Epitaxial Layer

62. What is the most commonly used element for pointers?

Ans. Aluminum

63. What is the most commonly used element in IC fab?

Ans. Aluminum

64. What welding process keeps the current flowing?

Ans. Heated Sub Welding

65. What oscilloscope samples the signals and outputs them?

Ans. Sampling Oscilloscope

66. What is the first commercial computer?


67. How many vacuum tubes are there in ENIAC?

Ans. 18,000

68. What does a Voss Mccartney noise generator produce?

Ans. Square Pulses

69. What is the orientation of magnetic lines with respect to the geomagnetic center?

Ans. Horizontal

70. What is JFET transconductance?

Ans. Ratio of Drain Current to Drain Voltage

71. What is the measured variable in data?

Ans. Set – point

72. Holes flow from?

Ans. Plus to minus

73. When is a diode Reverse Biased?

Ans. If both Anode and Cathode have the same potential

74. What is the diagram used to represent equilibrium?

Ans. Phase Diagram

75. What method is used to simplify multivariable logic equations?

Ans. Quine Mccluskey Method

76. What is a variable and adjustable component used to vary resistance?

Ans. Pot

77. What is a low order liquid like substance?

Ans. Nemetic

78. What is the pressure at boiling point?

Ans. 1 ATM

79. Who is the designer of the IC? Ans.

Jack Kilby

80. What is a multilayer communication pathway in computers?

Ans. Bus

81. What is not a fundamental characteristic of a computer?

Ans. High Cost

82. What is used for error measurement in Thermocouples?

Ans. Cold Junction

83. What is the primary loss in DC machines? Ans.

Copper Loss

84. What can a low sensitivity DC effectively measure?

Ans. Low resistance circuit

85. What is the advantage of ICs over discrete circuits?

Ans. Higher Attainable Switching Speed

86. What can be erased by utilizing an electrical signal as opposed to UV?


87. What is a hard disk made usually made of garnett?

ns. Magnetic Bubble

88. What are the common types of actuators in robots?

Ans. Hydraulic and Pneumatic

89. What is a relay?

Ans. Actuator

90. Lightning occurs because of more than one of the choices

(Ans. Static, charges)

91. Where is the output taken in common base?

Ans. Collector

92. COBOL, FORTRAN are examples of?

Ans. High – Level Language

93. What is another term for voltage amplifier?

Ans. Pre – Amplifier

94. What is the unit of magnetic flux?

Ans. Maxwell

95. When is an OR Gate OFF?

Ans. When all inputs are 0

Complete List of Section 2 Modules in Electronics (Q&A)

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