Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 16 | ECE Board Exam

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(Last Updated On: March 16, 2020)

Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 16

This is the Section 2 Module 16 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 16

Question Answer
1. Asking each remote terminal, one at a time Polling
2. Common configuration in industry of robotics Articulated arm and cylindrical
3. Strain gauge 120
4. Liquid crystal, year developed 1888
5. Display simultaneously amplitudes in different frequencies Spectrum analyzer
6. Spectrum analyzer A CRT
7. Electromagnetic induction Michael Faraday
8. Instrument for microwave frequencies Gunn diode
9. Electron charge over a given volume Electron density
10. Viscosity Resistance to flow
11. “turn on” SCR Minimum gate trigger voltage
12. PNP, external voltage applied Collector negative voltage to the emitter
13. Behaves roughly like SCR SBS
14. Diac Two terminal bidirectional
15. SCR conduction Positive gate w/ respect to cathode
16. 2 NAND gates, R-S flip flop Low/low
17. In an RS flip flop if, R=low, S=low Low
18. Mass of electron 9.109×10-18
19. Power density in RF 0.001/2000µF/sq.m
20. Safety to humans Guard
21. Messy robotics Hydraulics
22. Advantage of hydraulics Lift heavier loads
23. Change color and temperature Cholesteric
24. STTL TTL schottky
25. Fault that causes current to move from core to earth to cladding Earth faults
26. Magnetic flux is directly proportional to strength Coulomb’s first law
27. Induction against capacitance, four arm-ac bridge Maxwell bridge
28. Induced polarity in electromagnetism Lenz’ law
29. Logic circuit that operates at 25 volts, common in industries HLDTL
30. Robot w/ no specific path Point to point
31. Computer language that uses mnemonics Machine language
32. Cycle before SCR conduction Firing delay
33. Cycle before SCR conduction Firing delay angle
34. Memory component for clock sequential logic circuit Flip flop
35. Fastest supercomputer Blue Gene/L
36. One or 2 condition that stores memory input Latch
37. 24 satellites GPS
38. High output if any input is High, low output if both are low OR gate
39. If any input is low OR
40. Horizontal deflection Sweep
41. Ceramic disk 100µF
42. Wireless device usually in Starbucks, hotels WIFI
43. Full bridge converter, firing angle Past +90 degrees
44. Uses Wheatstone bridge to determine distance from test point to the fault in telephone lines Varley loop
45. Converting AC to DC Rectifier
46. Not a component in AC power supply Rectifier
47. Op –amp All of the above (voltage, current, voltage-current amplifier)
48. NOT a computer classification Maxicomputer
49. Varies with AC but not with DC Frequency
50. 534 transistors in a single chip Small scale integration
51. Sharp dip DIP
52. Dip meter, grid circuit Grid-Dip
53. Equivalent circuit with a source current and a parallel resistance Norton’s Theorem
54. Forward-voltage blocking SCR By connecting in series
55. After squeeze interval Weld
56. After weld interval Hold
57. After release interval Stand by
58. SCARA robot degree of freedom 4
59. ENIAC ___addition, ___ multiplication 5000/500
60. NOT used for biometry Texture of skin
61. Smaller spacing/distance of plates in a dielectric Increase capacitance
62. If a deflection in a torque increase It increases
63. Bleeder resistor To drain charges
64. Converting high AC from low voltage DC source Inverter
65. Red,red,red,gold 2.2k ohms + 0.5%
66. More dynamic cells in an area They are smaller
67. No electric potential but w/ movement of charge Diffusion current
68. For accurate measurement, internal resistance of voltmeter should be As high as possible
69. Not included in oscillator circuit Negative feedback
70. System w/ no feedback and no error corrections Open-loop system
71. To compensate for close loop gain voltage Feedback resistance divided by input resistance
72. 74IC Active-load resistor
73. Advantage of using methanol over hydrogen Easier to transport and store
74. Not included in solar power Apply AC voltage in solar panel
75. Best for heavy loads in short durations Cumulative compounded
76. To measure reflection Reflectometer
77. Cheapest, most rugged material for analog meter Moving iron galvanometer
78. Air core to ferromagnetic materials Air concentrates to magnetic line of flux
79. Moving hot-steel slabs Infrared and ultraviolet
80. Difference between JFET to MOSFET MOSFET has wider range of gate biasing voltage
81. 8086 processor 16 bit
82. GUI uses in three different ways except Keyboard
83. Popular software to access the world wide web Browser
84. Time required from users request to computer’s reply Response time
85. To determine noise characteristics Noise generator
86. Computer characteristics All of the above (speed, low cost, inpu/output)
87. Address bit that access data Stack
88. To have a stable output with changing impedance Optoisolator
89. When gate source voltage is off Drain-source saturation current
90. Maximum magnetic line in a magnet Magnetic pole
91. Measurement of size of files Byte
92. Network configuration for private and government organization Private data network
93. AC bridge circuit Wein bridge
94. Time between cycle Period
95. Advantage of pneumatic actuators All of the above ( clean, no leaks; low cost; speed)

Complete List of Section 2 Modules in Electronics (Q&A)

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