Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 2 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 2

This is the Section 2 Module 2 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 2

1) What is the voltage regulation when no-load voltage is equal to full-load voltage?

0% Voltage Regulation

2) In an R-S Flip Flop; when R=0 and S=0 what are the states?

The state remains the same

3) What is the feedback element of an integrator?


4) Thin windings are commonly found in?

In shunt motors

5) What is the efficiency of Class D amplifier?

It is over 90%

6) What is the efficiency of transistorized Class C amplifier?

It is 33%

7) Eccles/Jordan Circuit is also called as?

Bistable Multivibrator

8) If x is low; X AND Y what is Y

Y is low

9) Where does positive edge triggering happens?

From low to high

10) How does the mutual inductance affects the total inductance?

It vary depending on its phase angle

11) What happens to the Zo of a coaxial cable if the core diameter gets smaller?

The Zo increases

12) What is a bleeder resistor?

It is a resistor paralleled to a capacitor

13) What is a toroidal core?

It is essentially self shielding

14) What separates the positive and negative plates of battery?


15) Silver-cadmium battery has a open circuit voltage of


16) Damping is used to prevent

It prevents hunting

17) What alternator is the least to hunt

Steam Turbine

18) What type of battery that can’t be charged?

Primary Cell

19) What advantage when the IC has high component density?

Increase switching speed

20) What component that needs to be removed before you can reprogram it?


21) What do you call an op-amp that has a characteristic of 2000V/m and 50MHz?

High slew rate and High frequency

22) If the source-gate is conducting?

It is a sign of improper bias

23) What is not a characteristic of air core?

Air coil does not contain or confine magnetic flux

24) An amplifier that only conducts only at the 50% of the draining current?

Class B amplifier

25) Voltage produced by heat?


26) A battery which has an output voltage of 1.2V?

Edison Cell

27) A battery also known as dry cell and uses gel or paste?

Leclanche Cell

28) What is the advantage of a pot core?

Small volume with high inductance

29) What device used in changing one frequency of an AC voltage vice versa?

Frequency Converter

30) What is the outline in Dual in Line (DIL) package?


31) Zener diode in a regulator is connected in?

Parallel and reverse bias

32) Q point of Class A is where to be found?

At the center

33 Estimate the noise gain of an op-amp with 5 inputs


34) An op-amp that compares only a band of voltage?

Window comparator

35) What will happen to the susceptance when the frequency is increased?

It will increase

36) What is cluster?

Data on the hard drive

37) How many poles in an electric motor

Even (always in pair)

38) Most commonly used in semiconductor?


39) What is platter?

Part of the hard drive

40) An oscillator has?

Stage with gain

41) In parallel alternator, how to change the output frequency?

Change the rpm of the prime mover

42) In parallel alternator, how to change the output voltage?

Change the field of excitation

43) What packaging is suitable for high component density?


44) An oscillator should have what?

Positive feedback

45) What class has the highest efficiency?

Class C amplifier

46) What type of configuration is use in multivibrator?

Common Source or Common Emitter configuration

47) ratio of differential gain to common mode gain?

Common mode rejection ratio

48) brief periods of extreme voltage

Transient Spikes

49) Maximum rate at which the amplifier output can change?

Slew Rate

50) What tube is used to generate microwave signals?


51) Why does common collector is used in op-amp?

It has low output resistance

52) Transconductance gain

It is the ratio of Current drain to gate voltage

53) What is the type of current that is used in test instrument with 0.01 ohm load?

Flash current

54) It compose of gate drain and has channel?


55) Zero degrees of a sine wave is?

When the amplitude is zero and going positive

56) In RC circuit, R increases and C remains constant and non zero?

It gets longer and rotates counter clockwise

57) R and Xc varies from 0 to infinity with a ratio of 3:1

Ray of unlimited length

58) derivative of sine wave

Leads the original signal by 90 degrees

59) The difference of two vectors

Phase difference

60) cavity klystron

Electrons have variable speed

61) LAN that allows the PC to save its own data

Peer to peer LAN

62) Directly two coupled transistor and has a high current gain

Darlington configuration

63) It uses NPN and PNP in the output of a regulator with complementary symmetry?

Quasi complementary push pull amplifier

64) It uses NPN and PNP in the output of a regulator

Transformer push pull amplifier

65) amplifier that is used because of high stability

Class B amplifier

66) In a reverse bias diode the capacitance depends on what

The width of depletion region

67) Power supply must have what

All of the choices

68) What is the disadvantage of voltage doubler?

Poor regulation

69) In a frequency domain

Signal strength vs. Frequency

70) In an oscilloscope where do you put the probe to get a signal

Vertical plate of the cathode

71) Screen grid reduces what?

Reduces plate capacitance

72) What loop gain is need in a window comparator?

Open loop gain

73) What is not true for a sine wave?

Electrons flow in the same direction

74) What is the advantage of discrete components over IC?

Greater power capability

75) What IC used to combine multiple signals?


76) What is the disadvantage of CMOS?

Susceptible to noise

77) What is the difference of tube to FET?

It needs greater gate voltage

78) main difference between N-channel and triodes

Triodes needs more voltage

79) what is the output of a regulator

pulsating dc

80) two transistor that turns on and off alternately


81) what is the horizontal part of an oscilloscope

Time per division

82) when the diode is forward bias

Anode is positive relative to cathode

83) employs N-channel and P-channel in a single


84) what device needs a filter in the final stage


85) not an essential part of an oscillator

Resistor IC part

86) highest gain configuration

Common source

87) when the output voltage has value even when there is no input voltage

Output offset voltage

88) when the bias stops the conduction of current

Pinch off

89) when the amplifier is pinch off there is no input

Class B

Complete List of Section 2 Modules in Electronics (Q&A)

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