Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 3 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 3

This is the Section 2 Module 3 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 3

Question Answer
1. When the control unit gets an instruction it is called l-tine
2. In an enhancement mode MOSFET, The channel doesn’t conduct with zero gate bias.
3. If R increases in an RC circuit, XC is always zero then the vector in the RC plane will always point straight toward the right.
4. Ferromagnetic core is placed in an inductor mainly to: increase the inductance.
5. The technique are by part of the program is stored on disk and is brought into memory for the execution of ??? is called virtual storage
6. An audio oscillator that uses two amplifiers in cascade with positive feedback from the output of the second stage in the input of the first stage is known as Multivibrator
7. The force between two electrically charge objects called electrostatic force
8. The spacing between plates in a capacitor is made smaller all other things being equal the capacitance increases.
9. A vector pointing southeast in a GB plane will indicate conductance and inductive susceptance
10. Which of the ff is true for a square wave signal? Composed only of odd harmonics
11. In general, the greater the absolute value of impedance in a circuit, the less the flow of alternating current.
12. What is the maximum efficiency of the class A circuit when a direct R series fed load connection 45%.
13. The ______model suffers from being limited to a particular set of operating condition if it is said to be considered accurate. Hybrid equivalent
14. The data in a volatile memory, vanishes if power is removed.
15. In a common emitter, bipolar transistor circuit, the emitter is at signal ground.
16. One safeguard against theft for alteration of the data is the use of DES.
17. One reason why it is impractical to make an extremely high voltage battery of cell is that There isn’t any real need for such a thing.
18. The majority of power diodes are constructed using Silicon.
19. The advantage of rheostat over potentiometer is that a rheostat can handle more current.
20. As the number of turns the coil increases, the current of the coil will eventually decreases near to zero.
21. If X is high and Y is low. What is the state of X not Y? The logic statement makes no sense.
22. Software used to make a personal computer act like a terminal is called Emulation.
23. When both input of RS Flipflop are 1, the resulting output can be absurd.
24. What is the ratio of the total width to that of the center layer of the transistor? 150:1
25. A bundle of basic software design to work together. Suite
26. Which of the ff instrument allows more precise measurement of the harmonic component of the distorted signal? Wave analyzer
27. advertising via internet is called spamming.
28. Typical frequency counter is usually accurate to 6 digits or more.
29. Each point in the RC plane,

corresponds to a unique combination of resistance and reactance.
30. Positioning of headings and columns for the report format considered using system design make use a printer spacing chart.
31. IFO LIT Q1 16pin liptronics optoisolator DIP contains ___ optoisolators. 4
32. Using computers to design manufacture product is called CAD/CAM.
33. Which of the ff is a false statement regarding the dc load line when comparing self bias and voltage divider configurations? Both cross the origin
34. When computer data is sent over long distance telephone circuit, the digital hi and low are generally represented by audio tone.
35. Which of the ff is not an example of true power? Power in a capacitor
36. How many diodes conduct in a full-wave rectifier when a capacitor is being charged? 2
37. An optoisolator consist of an LED and a photodiode.
38. Which type of power amplifier is biased for operation less than 180 deg of the cycle? Class C
39. A meter sensitivity control in a test equipment would probably be a linear taper potentiometer.
40. What is a typical drop out voltage for a 7812 fixed positive voltage regulator? 4mV
41. When the control unit directs the ALU to perform an operation on the data, the machine cycle is involved in its 3rd step.
42. An ammeter shunt is useful because it allows for measurement of a wide range of current.
43. What is the level of an output voltage of a ladder network conversion? The analog output voltage proportional to the digital input voltage.
44. What is the response time of Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) in a photoconductive cell? 100mS
45. Cross referencing among webpages can be accomplished by a means of hypertext.
46. Specifying the kind of input, processing and output requires for a program occurs when defining the problem.
47. A component that discharges the filter capacitor after a power supply is turned off is called a bleeder resistor.
48. The most stable type of oscillator circuit uses a quartz crystal.
49. A power coder present on a product is referred to as UPC.
50. In which period is a capacitor filter charged in a full wave rectifier? The time which the diode is conducting
51. Which of the ff is not a linear digital IC? Passive filter
52. A backward working electric motor is best used as an electric generator.
53. Several small disks packed to work together as a unit is called RAID.
54. What is the level of the voltage between the input terminals of an op-amp? Virtually zero
55. A material can be permanently magnetize is generally said to be ferromagnetic.
56. If a dielectric material between the capacitor is changed all other things being equal, you can’t say what happens to XC without more data
57. The FDLC is defined as a project involving ___ phases. 5
58. Pre-written standard filed handling programs are called utilities.
59. The memory area of programs with highest priority is the foreground.
60. A disk ceramic capacitor may have value of 100pF.
61. nothing touches the disk
62. For a phase shift oscillator, the gain of the amplifier stage must be greater than 29.
63. A disadvantage of mercury cell and batteries it pollutes the environment.
64. The 4th gen language used for database retrieval is query language.
65. One important advantage of an electrostatic meter is that it can detect ac voltage.
66. If you place a bar of iron inside a cylindrical coil of wire and then run DC through the wire, you have an electromagnet.
67. A T11 IC is an example of an 8pin DIP that can be made a function as a comparator.
68. Which of the ff places would a transistor battery be the best power source charge? An electronic calculator
69. The type of computer that is faster because it has fewer instructions is known as RISC
70. How many transistor must be used in a class B power amplifier to obtain the output for a full cycle of the signal? 2
71. The transformer has a secondary to primary turns ratio of 0.167, the transformer is step down
72. The permeability tuning moving the core further increases the inductance
73. An output of the negative feedback to deployed negative feedback to control the gate
74. The main advantage of a FETVM over conventional voltmeter is the fact that the FETVM draws less current from a circuit under test.
75. program whose sabotage the particular certain condition is called a Bolt?
76. A computer the ability of the object to interpret object using its own method Polymorphism
77. A transistor can be protected from needless overheating by current limiting resistor.
78. A cell that can be recharged and therefore used over and over again is secondary cell
79. The management of an operating system is extended by a supervisor program.
80. The VA power is equal to the true power only when. the circuit has no reactance
81. A ferric diode has a capacitance sensitive the and decreases blank varicap diode it is maximum at a 0 volt.??? 
82. An electron beam in electrostatic CRT bent by an electric field.
83. The what-you-are criterion for computer system access involved biometrics.
84. In the output of a full wave rectifier the effective value is the same as that of the original ac wave.
85. An example of the device that converts electrical energy to visible radiant energy is a light emitting diode.
86. A zener diode would most likely be used in a power supply regulating circuit
87. In organizing data of disk pack to minimize sync time, assuming there are? 
88. A simple power supply filter can be built in a capacitor in parallel with the dc output.
89. High voltages are better than low voltages for long distance electronic power transmission because the I2R losses are lower.
90. A paper capacitor might have a value of 0.01 uF.
91. Which of the ff best describe the output of a 566 voltage controlled oscillator? both square and triangular wave.
92. A significant advantage in some situations of a torroidal coil of a solenoid is magnetix flux in torroid is practically all within the coil. 
93. Which kind of battery should never be used until it dies? Nickel Cadmium.
94. A cell or battery that keeps up a constant current delivery capability almost until it dies is said to have a. flat discharge curve
95. After stating a solution in a pseudo code, the next step would be coding the program.
96. Assigning more sectors in outer disk track is known as zone recording.
97. What is the frequency range of the application of SCR? About 50Khz.
98. The transfer curve is not defined by a Shockley’s Equation for the enhancement type mosfet.
99. What is typical dropout voltage for a 7812 fixed positive voltage regulator? mV
100. How many layers of semiconductor metal does Silicon Controlled Rectifier have? 4

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