You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 20 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 20 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 20

This is the Section 2 Module 20 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 20

1. The token ring network control access to the network using

Ans. Token passing

2. For silicon diode the potential

Ans. 0.7

3. At which JFET amplifier are the ac input and output is 180 degree out of phase

Ans. Common source amplifier

4. n-type high pass filter consists of

Ans. series capacitor and parallel inductors

5. ac resistance of the diode decreases as the

Ans. dc current at the diode increases

6. what current flows in a semiconductor to the applied electric field

Ans. drift current

7. which transistor region is very thin and lightly doped

Ans. base

8. among the 3 characteristics of a transistor amplifier which region is normally employed for linear (undistorted)

Ans. active region

9. which of the following transistor amplifier configuration provides a 180 degrees phase shift between the input and output voltage

Ans. common Emitter amp

10. at forward bias condition what would happen to the diode resistance when the applied voltage is increased

Ans. it will decrease

11. a JFET is

Ans. both a unipolar device and voltage controlled

12. the network derived from c++

Ans. java

13. which is the most sensitive mode of operation for a TRIAC

Ans. mode 1

14. what device is formed when an n-type and p-type semiconductors are brought together

Ans. junction diode

15. in an op-amp summing amplifier the input are effectively isolated from each other because of the

Ans. virtual ground

16. English like language that one can use as a system design tool

Ans. pseudocode

17. what diode parameter will inform the user as to what factor the handling capability of the diode is reduced as the operating temperature increases

Ans. power derating factor

18. which of the following JFET amplifiers has a high input impedance and low Zout and a voltage gain less than 1

Ans. source follower

19. What would happen to the channel of a JFET as the current flows through it

Ans. Skews

20. A T-type low pass filter consists of

Ans. Series inductor and bypass capacitors

21. What is the minimum voltage required before a diode can conduct in a forward direction

Ans. Threshold voltage

22. The memory area for program with highest priority

Ans. Foreground

23. A depletion type MOSFET is a

Ans. Normally on device

24. A power line filter used to reduced interference is an example of

Ans. Low pass filter

25. A virus that replicated itself is a

Ans. Worm

26. In a transistor which is the largest of all doped region is

Ans. Collector region

27. A semiconducting glass is known as ____ semiconductor

Ans. Amorphous

28. A forward conducting amplifier should be biased

Ans. At midway between saturation and cut off

29. When examining the frequency response curve of an RC low pass filter, it is seen that the rate of roll-off above the cut-off frequency is

Ans. Both 6db/octave and 20 db/ decade

30. The acceptor level in a doped semiconductor

Ans. Is near the valence band level

31. Removing the emitter bypass capacitor will

Ans. Decrease the voltage gain and increase the input impedance (14:26)

32. The person who feel the role of change agent

Ans. System analyst

33. In an inverting amplifier the virtual ground

Ans. Has the same potential as the ground yet it is an sync current

34. Which type of amplifier is the input applied in a emitter and the output is taken in the collector.

Ans. Common base

35. Which of the following biasing techniques has the most stable Q point

Ans. Base bias

36. A diode circuit that is used to cut a portion of the input signal is called

Ans. Clipper

37. A logarithmic on logarithmic graph paper with 2 to 1 range frequency is called a

Ans. Octave

38. An image made out of dots

Ans. Half tone

39. For an SCR the holding current is defined as

Ans. The minimum anode current required to hold the SCR in its conducting state

40. What is the only amplifier configuration that provides both voltage and current gain

Ans. Common emitter amplifier

41. Housing all hardware, software, storage and processing in one location

Ans. Centralized processing

42. On logarithmic graph paper a 10 to 1 range of frequency is called a

Ans. Decade

43. A JFET parameter that describes how effect the gate source voltage is in controlling the gate current is called its

Ans. Transconductance 18:03

44. What voltage across the gate source terminal of an FET causes the current IG to be zero

Ans. Pinch-off voltage

45. A voltage that varies the magnitude that does not reverse in polarity

Ans. Pulsating DC voltage

46. A multi-programming the processes of confining each programming to certain define limits in memory is called

Ans. Memory protection

47. A forward breakover voltage of an SCR

Ans. Decreases as the gate current increases

48. A charted position in a department or organization is

Ans. An organization chart

49. Which of the ff types of bias produces the most unstable Q point of a JFET amplifier

Ans. Gate bias

50. When a pulsating DC voltage is applied as an input to the primary of the transformer the output in the secondary contains

Ans. Only the AC component of the input signal

51. In what operating region does the collector of a transistor act like a current source

Ans. Active region

52. A half wave rectifier is a good example of a

Ans. Series clipper

53. Which JFET amplifier is also known as a source follower

Ans. The common drain amplifier

54. A network with a diode an a capacitor that is used to shift the DC level of the input signal is called a

Ans. Clamper

55. To avoid damaging MOSFETs during handling

Ans. Alway wear a grounded wrist strap

Bns. Never insert or remove them from a circuit when the power is on

Cns. Never apply an input signal when the DC supply power is off


56. For an improvement of a diode capacitor half wave voltage doubler to a full wave voltage doubler uses how many capacitors

Ans. 2

57. To forward bias a diode

Ans. The anode voltage must be more positive with respect the cathode

58. When used a voltage regulator a zener diode is normally

Ans. Reverse biased

59. A full wave rectifier the DC load current equals 1 A how much current does each diode carry

Ans. 1/2 ampere

60. Which of the ff JFET amplifier has the lowest input impedance

Ans. The common gate amplifier

61. The SVLC is defined as a project involving

Ans. 5 phases

62. A P-type semiconductor is a semiconductor doped with

Ans. Trivalent impurity atoms

63. An operating system is a

Ans. Set of programs

64. For an enhancement-MOSFET the threshold voltage is

Ans. Minimum gate source voltage that makes drain current flow

65. Which of the ff is best suited for controlling power in AC circuits

Ans. Triac

66. For a 1st order active low pass filter how fast does the input volt age roll off above the cut off frequency

Ans. Both 20db per octave and 6 db per decade

67. What do you call a very small amount of current that flows in a transistor during reverse bias

Ans. Reverse saturation current

68. N-type semiconductor is a semiconductor that is doped with

Ans. Pentavalent impurity atoms

69. Which of the following amplifiers has the lowest efficiency under large signal conditions

Ans. RC coupled class A amplifiers

70. The first approximation the forward bias diode is treated like a/an

Ans. Closed switch with a voltage drop of 0 volts

71. The transistor in a class B push pull amplifier are biased Slightly above cutoff to prevent

Ans. Crossover distortion

72. The capacitor in an RC coupling circuit

Ans. Blocks the steady DC component of the input voltage

73. The lowest level of programming language

Ans. Machine language

74. The people who will contact with the system such as employees and customers are

Ans. Users

75. which region of a transistor is the most heavily doped

Ans. emitter region

76. the cut off frequency of a filter is the frequency which the output voltage is

Ans. reduced to 70.7 percent of its maximum

77. which of the following classes of amplifier has the highest power efficiency

Ans. class c amplifier

78. what do you call a clipper circuit where a diode is shunted with the load

Ans. parallel clipper

79. Thyristors are used extensively in

Ans. high power switching applications

80. once an SCR is conducting

Ans. the gate losses all control

81. What is formed when n-type and p-type semiconductors are brought together

Ans. pn junction

82. for a transistor to function as an amplifier

Ans. the E-B junction must be forward biased and the C-B junction must be reversed bias

83. what impedance is presented by a junction operating in its zener breakdown region

Ans. zener impedance

84. one or more computers connected in a hub computer is a/an

Ans. star network

85. RC phase shifting network is used in a SCR and triac circuit to

Ans. Control the conduction angle of the thyristor

86. The maximum power the diode can handle is

Ans. Maximun dissipation power

87. Phase 1 of a system project involves

Ans. A system survey

88. Corresponding memory spaces for a page are called

Ans. Page frames

89. A junction diode is said to be forward bias if

Ans. A voltage greater than threshold is applied with cathode less positive than anode

90. Negative resistance diode commonly used in microwave oscillators/ detectors sometimes used as amplifiers. This device is also known as

Ans. A tunnel diode

91. Decibel attenuation of a passive filter at the cut off frequency is

Ans. -3db

92. What is the most important specification of a semiconductor diode

Ans. Current capacity

93. The scope and true nature of the problem is determined during

Ans. Preliminary investigation

94. When a class B push pull amplifier uses a split type power supply

Ans. Both no output coupling capacitor is required and a greater amount of power can be obtained

95. A diode capacitor voltage quadrupe what is the voltage across the 3rd stage capacitor

Ans. 2 Vmax

96. What will happen to the threshold voltage of a diode when it operates at higher temperatures

Ans. It decreases

97. When the transistor is saturated Vc is approximately

Ans. Zero volts

98. A class C amplifier is commonly used as a/an

i. Tuned RF amplifier

99. Which factor was not a major contributor to the emerge of the internet

Ans. Frames

100. Preparing a program desk checking and transmitting are examples of

Ans. testing

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