You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 21 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 21 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 21

This is the Section 2 Module 21 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 21

1. The unit that transforms data into information

Wand Reader

2. In a series RC circuit, where R is equal to Xc, the phase angle is

-45 degrees

3. The collector feedback bias is

based on the principle of negative feedback

4. The speed in which the data can find a data

Access time

5. Motor action tends to produce motion

Stronger field towards the weaker field

6. Bias current compensation

produces output error voltage

7. Silicon is widely used over germanium because of several advantages, what is the most significant advantage?

Low lead current

8. A laminated iron core transformer has reduced eddy current losses because

The laminations are isolated from each other

9. In electromagnetism, what law determines the amount of induced voltage

Faraday’s law

10. When applying Kirchhoff’s current law,

consider all currents flowing into a branch point positive and all currents and away from that point negative

11. In a program, drawing a flowchart is a means to

Plan the solution

12. The presence of both data and scalated instructions


13. What is the law whereby the force of attraction and repulsion between poles is inversely proportional to the square root of the distance between them

Coulomb’s second law

14. In a common mode, an identical signal

appears in both input

15. When current in a conductor increases, Lenz’ law states that the self- induced potential will

Produce current opposite to the increasing current

16. Assigning more sectors to outer disk tracks

Zone recording

17. In the forward blocking region, the SCR is

In the off state

18. The physical motion resulting from the forces of two magnetic fields is called

Motor action

19. The output of the am detector goes to the

Audio amplifier

20. For operation as an amplifier, the base of an NBP transistor must be

Positive with respect to the emitter

21. If the north pole of a permanent magnet is placed near the soft iron, what is the polarity of the nearest induced pole

South Pole

22. A cascode amplifier consists of

a CS and a CG amplifier

23. In a transistor amplifier, if the base emitter junction is open, the collector voltage is


24. The geographic north pole of the earth has

South magnetic polarity

25. Two dissimilar networks can be connected by a


26. A PN junction is formed by

The boundary of a p type and a n type material

27. At the upper critical frequency, the peak output voltage of a certain amplifier is 10V. The peak voltage in the mid range of the amplifier is

Transistor capacitances

28. The ability to return the change disc record into its original form is called

Updating and

29. If one of the diodes in a bridge full wave rectifier opens, the output is

A half wave rectified voltage

30. In the rectifier circuit, if the secondary winding in the transformer opens, the output is


31. In developing a program, documentation should be done

Throughout the process

32. The final output of an AM demodulator is the

Audio signal

33. The channel of a JFET is between the

Drain and source

34. The purpose of a pentavalent impurity is to

Increase the number of free electrons

35. Another name for collaborative software


36. Which of the following metals below is the most least conductor of electricity


37. In a series RL circuit where XL is equal to R, the phase angle is

45 degrees

38. For an op-amp with negative feedback, the output is

Fed back tot he inverting input

39. The weakest link in any computer system

The people in it

40. When a small voltage is generated across the width of the conductor carrying current in an external magnetic field, the effect is called

The hall effect

41. Registers that collect the result of computations are


42. The measured voltage across an unloaded secondary of a transformer is usually

Five to ten percent higher than the rated secondary voltage

43. In an Am receiver system, the audio amplifier

Has a typical bandwidth of 3kHz to 15kHz

Follows the detector

Drives the speaker

All choices are correct

44. Permission for an organization to make copies for a certain software

Side License

45. Cells can be connected in series parallel

to increase the voltage and current capacity above that of a single cell

46. Which is not another name for memory

Secondary storage

47. When low pass filters are cascaded,

the roll of rate increases

48. The disadvantages of base bias is that

It is too beta dependent

49. Soft copy refers to

Screen output

50. A plastic film capacitor whose coded value is 833m measures 0.025uF when tested with a capacitor inductor analyzer, the measured capacitance is

Slightly out of tolerance

51. 5 D-sized alkaline cells in series have a combined voltage of

7.5 V

52. In all cases of electromagnetic induction, the current setup by an induced voltage tends to create flux whose direction opposes any change in the existing flux, this law is called.

Lenz law

53. A fourth generation language used for database retrieval

QUERY Language

54. A material that becomes strongly magnetized in the same direction has a magnetizing field is classified as


55. The dividing line for a coupling capacitor at a specific frequency can be taken as

Xc = 1/10th of the series resistance

56. The ideal DC output voltage of a capacitor input filter is equal to

The peak value of the rectified voltage

57. For an AC waveform, the period refers to

The length of time required to complete one cycle

58. The circular area of round wire doubles for

Every 3 gauge sizes

59. The constant current region of a FET lies between

Pinch off and breakdown

60. The capacitive reactance of a capacitor is

Inversely proportional tot he frequency

61. Another name for packing software is


62. For a moving coil meter movement, Im is

The amount of current needed in the moving coil to produce full scale deflection pointer of the meter

63. Reversal flow of current in a circuit

Reverses the magnetic polarity

64. What law in electronics were an induced current will be in such a direction that its own magnetic field will oppose the magnetic field that produces the same

Lenz law

65. A constant current source

Supplies constant current in a wide load resistances and has very high internal resistance

66. In an ideal integrator, the feedback element is a


67. One microweber equals

One hundred maxwells

68. The class D amplifier uses

Pulse Width Modulation

69. A bundle of basic software designed to works together


70. When a lowpass and high pass filter are cascaded to get a bandpass filter, a critical frequency of a low pass filter must be

Greater than the critical frequency of the high pass filter

71. A certain common emitter amplifier has a voltage gain of 100. If the emitter bypass capacitor is removed,

the voltage gain will decrease.

72. When demagnetized properly by applying an AC field gradually reduce it to 0 is called

The gaussian

73. Common types of thyristors includes


74. Compare the phase angle between two waveforms, both have

The same frequency

75. Computer users can increase hard disk capacity with

Removable hard disk cartridge

76. If you are looking for both good voltage gain and a high input resistance, you must use a

CS amplifier

77. The disc storage that uses both a magnet and a laser beam

Magneto optical

78. The bias condition for a transistor to be used as a linear amplifier is called

Forward reverse

79. In a series circuit, individual resistor voltage drop is

Proportional to the series resistance values

80. When the voltage drop of an amplifier is increased,

the bandwidth decreases

81. In transistors, class B amplifier bias

At midpoint of the load line

82. For a relay, the holding current is defined as

The minimum amount of relay coil current required to keep a relay energized

83. The input resistance of a common base amplifier is

Very low

84. One ampere turn is equivalent to

1.206 gilberts

85. 60 hz sinusoidal voltage is applied to the input of half wave rectifier, the output frequency is

60 hz

86. In electromagnetism, what law that determines the polarity of induced voltage

Lenz law

87. In every increase of 10 degree celcius operating temperature of a diode which results to its reversal current to


88. What is the efficiency of power transfer of properly matched load conditions


89. If there is an internal opening between the drain and source of the CS amplifier, the drain voltage is equal to


90. FM modulation is achieved by

Mixing the carrier signal with the modulating signal

91. Common mode gain is

Very low

92. Holes in an N type semiconductor are

Minority carriers that are thermally produced

93. For an analog VOM with the mirror along the printed scale, the meter is read when

the pointer hits the mirror reflection and appears as one

94. If the control voltage to a VCO increases,

the output frequency increases

95. A small signal amplifier,

uses only a small portion of its load line

96. When a receiver is tuned to one frequency to another,

The IF stays the same

97. A TLL maintains lock by comparing

The phase of two signals

98. Transistor in a Class C amplifier conducts for

A very small percentage of the input cycle

99. In a magnetic circuit, a flux that is away from the leak path is called

Leakage Flux

100. In an AM receiver, the IF amplifier is tuned to

455 kHz

Complete List of Section 2 Modules in Electronics (Q&A)

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