You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 23 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 23 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 23

This is the Section 2 Module 23 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 23

Question Answer
1. Capacitance is not affected by: Plate Thickness
2. To increase speed in processor limited operations in sorting out small tables one must? Add cache memory
3. To increase speed if processor is limited by 1Mb of memory one must? Add main memory
4. Ideal transformer has? No core loss, no winding resistance and infinite permeability (all of the choices)
5. GaAs is used in LED’s because? It emits more light
6. Light from a GaAs LED is in what range? Infrared
7. Computers that deal with discrete data are called? Digital computers
8. Capacitor terminology that is used to indicate power factor, loss factor and dielectric loss is what? Tangent of the loss angle
9. An AC bridge that is used to measure air capacitance of two air capacitors is called? De Sauty bridge
10. In microwaves, it is used as an oscillator that operates within the range of 10 – 1000 GHz is? IMPATT diode
11. In tape recording the commercial standard is? Nine-track format
12. The Maxwell-Wien Bridge is used to measure what? Inductance
13. In tape recording, the time to move from one sector and read the data is called? Access time
14. In tape recording, the time it takes to move from one location to another is called? Seek time
15. In tape recording, the time it takes to spin one sector is called? Latency time
16. A type of meter that is used to measure only direct currents? Permanent Magnet type
17. Periodic waveforms possessing half wave symmetry has no? Even harmonics
18. It is a charge given to a battery after it is taken out. Bench charge
19. The efficiency of a single photovoltaic cell is? 20 to 30%
20. It is a coding technique used to code data in an 80 column by 12 row cards. Hollerith Code
21. What do you call the minute and rapid fluctuations in capacitance? Scintillation
22. LASCR operates as a? Latch
23. The CMRR of an ideal op-amp/diff-amp is? Infinite
24. What is the output of an ideal diff-amp if both of the inputs has equal signals Zero
25. The maximum ambient temperature for EIA precision resistors is? 125 deg C
26. In IC fabrication, it is used to clean out organic substances. Acetone
27. The typical range of Zener voltage is? 24 to 200 V
28. In computers, 6M means? 6 x 10 ^20 bytes
29. In tape recording, it is denoted as the number of bits per square inch? Aerial density
30. Foreground processing- Runs at Real Time
31. Electrical intensity has the unit of V/m or N/C
32. Virtual Mode is also known as? Emulation Mode
33. The typical voltage value of Supertension cables is? 33kV
34. Toroids are sometimes better than Solenoids because? All of the magnetic fields are concentrated in the core.
35. An increase in resistance in a device with respect to a change in temperature that follows a linear behavior is called?

Temperature coefficient
36. A type of general purpose computer that processes complex operations and runs programs simultaneously Mainframe computer
37. Cascading of amplifiers will? Increase the gain and increase the bandwidth
38. The Wien L/C bridge is called so because? It is balanced with L and C as its arms
39. An inexpensive substance that has a boiling point of 78K Liquid nitrogen
40. Before illuminating LED’s must be? Reversed-biased
41. An LED is just like a _____ PN junction. Forward-biased
42. The resistance of a photodiode is ____ proportional to the illumination. Inversely proportional
43. Applying a complex signal to a purely inductive reactance will? Show less distortion
44. Damping force acts only on? Moving instruments
45. What is this effect “resistance is reduced while working of VHF frequencies due to dielectric losses” Boella Effect
46. Part of the microprocessor that executes commands and manipulates data Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
47. Temporary data storage that utilizes Last-In-First-Out procedures? Stack
48. A program that lies between application software and hardware is? Operating Program
49. Type of static electricity formed by rubbing fur with silk? Resinous
50. Type of static electricity formed by rubbing glass into rubber? Vitreous
51. In applying a complex signals to a purely capacitive reactance, the portion of the input signal that is present in the third harmonic is ____ the original signal. One-Third
52. Generation of computers that appears more human like. Sixth Generation
53. All resistors except the ones that is rated at 1/8 power rating has a maximum allowable change of ____ in a 1000 watt-hour load test. 10%
54. Darlington pairs are frequently used in ICs because They are readily formed by two adjacent transistors
55. Emitter follower configuration is called so because the _____follows the ___ voltage. Base
56. Memory that is used in retrieval of frequently read data for faster retrieval Cache Memory
57. It is a type of capacitor that has a low temperature coefficient and has a good temperature and frequency stability that is used in precision applications such as filter applications Mica
58. Which is not a control character? %
59. Inexpensive semiconductors such as Copper Indium Selenide (CIS) and Cadmium Telluride has an efficiency of? 3% – 15%
60. Class of ceramic capacitors that are fixed and are often used for bypass and coupling applications Class 1
61. Class of ceramic capacitors that are temperature compensating Class 1
62. Heavyside – Campbell Equal Ratio Bridge is used to measure? Self inductance in terms of mutual inductance
63. Hays bridge measures? Inductive impedance with a large phase angle
64. In Op-amps ____ voltage output depends on? Zener voltage and voltage divider resistors
65. Anderson Bridge is a modification of? Hays Bridge
66. Compared to LED, one main advantage of LCD is that it has Extremely low power
67. Class of ceramic capacitor which includes Barium Tantanate which uses reduced oxidized layer or diffusion zone as its dielectric. Class 3
68. Resistor that is effective for frequencies for about 100kHz Carbon Composition Resistor
69. Silicon is used in Zener diodes because? It has a high voltage and current capacity
70. Magnetic tape Operation in which the read or write happens while the tape is running Streaming.
71. Increase in dielectric in a vacuum is called? Dielectric constant, Capacivity, relative permeability (all of the choices)
72. Non-sinusoidal waves are made up of? Different sine waves
73. Wattage rating is the maximum power that the resistor can dissipate assuming what factor? Specific life, stated long term drift from its no load value and standard ambient temperature (all of the choices)

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