You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 22 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 22 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 22

This is the Section 2 Module 22 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 22

Question Answer
1. Typical Resistivity of insulators 1 x 109 to 1 x 1025
2. Typical Resistivity of conductors 1 x 10-6 to 1 x 10-4
3. Typical Resistivity of semiconductors 1 x 10-4 to 1 x 109
4. Forward biasing a PN junction diode Reduces its barrier potential
5. Reverse biasing a PN junction diode Increases its barrier potential
6. Which of the following is a natural intrinsic semiconductor? InP
7. The arrow in a transistor symbol indicates? Hole flow
8. Resistance of a CB configuration goes From low resistance to high resistance
9. What is this theory ”” insert meaning of substitution theory here Substitution Theory
10. Superposition theory is only applicable in devices that are? Linear and bilateral
11. Peak inverse voltage of a diode is 1000V
12. Forward break over value of a silicon diode rectifier is 600A
13. If inductors are used as heating coils, they are placed in what arrangement in order to be heated at maximum? All in Parallel
14. A small increase in the internal resistance of an amplifier corresponds to? Small Decrease in voltage gain
15. Transistor early effect uses what principle Base narrowing
16. The main current in a normally biased NPN transistor is Drift current
17. The source voltage of a half wave rectifier circuit is Vm the maximum value of the voltage across the diode is? Vm
18. A half wave rectifier works only for? Less than half of the cycle
19. A full wave rectifier works for? Half of the cycle
20. What will happen if the operating point was moved closer to the cut-off region The output will show distortions
21. What must be done to increase the current passing through a PN junction The recombination of electrons and holes must decrease
22. Why must the emitter be heavily doped? In order to give out maximum power
23. Transformer coupled class A amplifier has an efficiency of? 50%
24. The Q point is located in the center of the dc load line? So that only small dc voltage is needed
25. The output of a common emitter circuit is? Out-of-phase
26. A zener diode has? A negative resistance
27. It points to the address of the next instruction to be run? Program counter
28. Which element has transition temperature of 72.6K Lead
29. What is the conductivity of annealed silver? 108.8%
30. What is the conductivity of 99.99% gold 72.6%
31. Which of the following is not usually used to label potentiometer? Blue
32. 1 Kwh is equal to? 850kcal
33. Which resistor is most effective in high frequencies? Film Type
34. What will happen to the output signal if the operating point is in the saturation region? The output might be driven intro thermal runaway
35. What is the conductivity of 99.95% aluminum? 63%
36. Improper biasing causes Distortion in the output signal
37. Potentiometer – “always counterclockwise limit” Yellow
38. Potentiometer – “always clockwise limit” Green
39. Potentiometer – “Wiper” Red
40. Transformer coupling of class A amplifiers is done to increase Efficiency
41. The most noticeable effect of a small increase in temperature in a CE arranged transistor is? Increase in ICEO
42. PNP transistor with normal bias The emitter-base junction is forward biased and the collector-base junction is reversed biased
43. In a PNP transistor electron flows into The collector and base leads
44. The emitter current in a junction transistor is Designated at ICO
45. Transistor terminal voltage is positive if The terminal is more positive than the common terminal
46. Conductivity of pure annealed copper 102.1%
47. The space charge region In a junction diode contains charges that are called Fixed donor and acceptor
48. Common Emitter arrangement of transistor has Medium input resistance high output resistance
49. If PN junction bias voltage is increased from zero to a higher value current flow increase rapidly due to a small value of voltage Only after the forward bias exceeds the potential barrier
50. If PN junction bias voltage is increased from zero to a higher value current flow increase rapidly and will result to a small value of voltage If Minority carriers are enough to cause an avalanche breakdown
51. The main difference of an NPN transistor and a PNP transistor is that The emitter injects the region with holes in PNP and with electrons in NPN
52. Beta plot VCB vs IC with constant IB
53. High resistance of reversed bias is due to Large change in collector voltage causing little change in collector current
54. Minority Carriers crossing the junction depends on The magnitude of the potential barrier
55. Which of the following types of resistor is not used for frequencies above 50kHz Wirewound
56. The emitter of an PNP transistor is more heavily doped that the base So that the flow across the region is due to the holes
57. Volt ampere plot in Common Base VCB vs IC for constant IE
58. The register that holds the location of the current instruction being executed Instruction Register
59. Capacitance of a PN junction Increases as reverse bias decreases
60. Capacitance of a reversed bias PN junction Depends mainly on the reverse saturation current
61. Transistor terminal is positive if Electron flows out of the terminal
62. A small increase in collector reverse bias voltage will Increase collector current
63. Class of superconductor with transition temperature at 30K First Class
64. Which of the following does not refer to the number of instructions per second Interrupt
65. The Quiescent state of a transistor is When no signal is applied at input
66. CE Volt ampere plot VCB vs IC with constant IB
67. Avalanche occurs If reverse bias exceeds certain value
68. Temperature at which there is a complete absence of molecular motion Absolute zero
69. It is a high level language that is function oriented that is capable for low level machine control C Language
70. A Principal node is A junction where branch currents can recombine and divide
71. The difference of a mesh current and a branch current is A mesh current is an assumed current and a branch current is an actual current and mesh current does not divide at a branch point
72. In a CE transistor current gain, the collector voltage is held constant so that Changes in collector current is due to change in base current
73. ICBO Increases with temperature
74. Silicon is doped with ____ in order to have electrons as its majority carriers Antimony
75. Transistor action Base region should be narrow
76. In an unbiased PN junction in equilibrium current is Zero, because of equal but opposite direction of carriers crossing the junction
77. In reverse saturation current Only minority carriers are crossing the region
78. In a PN junction if the current is zero The number of majority carriers equals the number of minority carriers crossing
79. CE input volt ampere plot VCB vs IB with constant VCE
80. ICBO flows In the collector and base leads
81. ICEO is Collector current with base current equals zero
82. In a forward biased PN junction Only majority carriers is injected into the region
83. In PN junction holes diffuse from P region to N region because The concentration of holes are greater in the P region than in the N region
84. Compared to CB, CE has Higher current amplification
85. Water heater requires 1000kWh to be heated if there is 25% of energy loss the total energy must be equal to 1333kWh
86. A round wire increase from gauge 1 to 40 The diameter and are decreases
87. LED uses Reverse bias junction
88. Positional barrier at PN junction is due to Fixed donor and acceptor
89. Diode barrier potential offers opposition only to The majority carriers
90. Signal handling capacity of an amplifier is high If the operating point nears operating point
91. ICBE Flows in reverse direction to the collector with the emitter open
92. The increase of formation of holes and free electrons with an increase in temperature Thermal carrier generation
93. Which has more resistance 100m no 12 copper wire or 100m no 12 aluminum wire 100m no 12 aluminum wire
94. DC load line Has a negative slope
95. Positive swing clips the output Towards the cutoff region
96. If positive voltage signal is applied to a base of a normally biased NPN The collector voltage becomes less positive
97. The emitter of a normally biased transistor Has low resistance
98. If the collector dissipation is zero the Q point increases with excitation in Class B
99. If a KVL is taken not in the complete loop the total voltage Is the sum of voltages form the start point to the end point
100. Which of the following is not true about 0K The valence and conduction band of an intrinsic semiconductor overlaps
101. Aluminum has a transition temperature of 1.2K

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