Coaching Materials in Microwave Communications Part 3 | ECE Board Exam

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Coaching Materials in Microwave Communications

This is the Coaching materials in Microwave Communications Part 3 as one topic in ECE Board Exam taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize this review notes to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Microwave Communications Coaching Materials Part 3

141. A surface-search radar normally scans how many degrees of azimuth?

360 degrees

142. What limits the maximum range of a surface-search radar?

Radar Horizon

143. What is the shape of the beam of a surface-search radar?

Wide vertically, narrow horizontally

144. Why is the range capability of 3D radar usually less than the range of 2D radar?

Higher operating frequency

145. Fire-control tracking radar most often radiates what type of beam?

A narrow circular beam

146. Tracking radar searches a small volume of space during which phase of operation?


147. What width is the pulse radiated by fire-control tracking radar?

Very Narrow

148. Which beam of missile-guidance radar is very wide?

Capture Beam

149. What is the purpose of the synchronizer in a radar system?

Controls system operation and timing

150. What is the purpose of the majority of circuits in a radar system?

Timing and Control

151. A self-synchronized radar system obtains timing trigger pulses from what source?


152. What type of multivibrator can be used as a radar master oscillator?


153. In an externally synchronized radar, what determines the prr of the transmitter?

The Master Oscillator

154. Which of the basic timing circuits produces sharp trigger pulses directly?

Blocking oscillators

155. What are the two basic types of transmitters?

Keyed oscillator and power-amplifier chain

156. What controls transmitter pulse width?


157. In addition to a flat top, what characteristics must a modulator pulse have?

Steep leading and training edges

158. What type of modulator is most commonly used in modern radar systems?


159. What type of tube best meets the requirements of a modulator switching element?


160. What modulator element controls the rate at which the storage element charges?

Charging Impedance

161. What two forms of instability are common in magnetrons?

Mode Skipping and Mode Shifting

162. What is the effect on magnetron operation if the magnetic field strength is too high?

Magnetron will not oscillate

163. What is the typical frequency range about the center frequency of a tunable magnetron?

± 5 percent

164. What is the primary advantage of power-amplifier transmitters over keyed-oscillator transmitters?

Frequency Stability

165. What type of klystron is used as the final stage of a power-amplifier transmitter?

Multicavity Klystron

166. What transmitter component allows the radiation of a large number of discrete frequencies over a wide band?

Frequency Synthesizer

167. What is the greatest limiting factor in a receiver’s detectable range?


168. What type of receiver is most often used in radar system?


169. What IF frequencies are normally used in radar receivers?

30 or 60 MHz

170. Which component of the receiver produces the signal that is mixed with the received signal to produce the IF signal?

Local Oscillator

171. What receiver circuit actually produces the IF frequency?


172. The IF amplifiers are connected in what amplifier configuration?


173. Which receiver component converts the IF pulses to video pulses?


174. What type of target has a fixed phase relationship from one receiving period to the next?


175. What signal is used to synchronize the coherent oscillator to a fixed phase relationship with the transmitted pulse?

Coho Lock Pulse

176. What is the phase relationship between the delayed and undelayed video?


177. A monopulse receiver has how many separate channels?


178. If a target is on the bearing axis of the radiated beam, what is the input to the bearing IF channel?


179. What characteristic of the bearing and elevation output signals determines the direction of antenna movement?


180. What are the three fundamental quantities involved in radar displays?

Range, Bearing, and Elevation

181. What coordinates are displayed on an rhi scope?

Range and Elevation

182. What coordinates are presented on a ppi scope?

Range and Bearing

183. What type of deflection is preferred for a crt electron beam?


184. Which of the two types of deflection coils (fixed or rotating) is used most often?


185. What type of ranging circuit is most often used with a radar that requires extremely accurate range data?

Range gate or range step

186. The range sweep in a range-gate generator is started at the same time as what other pulse?


187. Range-marker generators produce pulses based on what radar constant?

The radar mile (12.36 microseconds)

188. What radar scope uses a range step for range measurement?

The A Scope

189. Which of the two general classes of antennas is most often used with radar?


190. The power gain of an antenna is directly related to what other antenna property?


191. A parabolic reflector changes a spherical wavefront to what type of wavefront?


192. How many major lobes are produced by a paraboloid reflector?


193. What type of radiator normally drives a corner reflector?


194. The broadside array consists of a flat reflector and what other elements?

Two or more half-wave dipoles

195. Horn radiators serve what purpose other than being directional radiators?

Waveguide impedance matching devices

196. The spectrum of a radar transmitter describes what characteristic of the output pulse?

Frequency Distribution

197. Where should the transmitter spectrum be located with respect to the receiver response curve?

In the center

198. The ideal radar spectrum has what relationship to the carrier frequency?

Symmetrical above and below the carrier frequency

199. The display screen of a spectrum analyzer presents a graphic plot of what two signal characteristics?

Power and Frequency

200. The peak power of radar depends on the interrelationship of what other factors?

Average Power, Pulse Width, and prt

201. Transmitter power readings are most often referenced to what power level?

1 milliwatt

202. Receiver bandwidth is defined as those frequencies spread between what two points of the receiver response curve?

Half-power points

203. What type of cooling is used to control ambient room temperature?

Air conditioning

204. A typical liquid-cooling system is composed of what loops?

Primary and Secondary

205. A pulsed magnetron with an average power of 1.2 kW and a peak power of 18.5 kW. One pulse is generated every 10 ms. Find the duty cycle and the length of a pulse.

D = 6.5% ; T = 0.65 ms

Coaching Materials in Microwave Communications Part 3 | ECE Board Exam

206. A radar transmitter has a power of 10 kW and operates at a frequency of 9.5 GHz. Its signal reflects from a target 15 km away with a radar cross section of 10.2 square meters. The gain of the antenna is 20 dBi. Calculate the received signal power.

10.1 fW

Coaching Materials in Microwave Communications Part 3 | ECE Board Exam

207. Find the Doppler shift caused by a vehicle moving toward a radar at 60 mph, if the radar operates at 10 GHz.

1.778 kHz

Coaching Materials in Microwave Communications Part 3 | ECE Board Exam

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