Communications Engineering Exam 12: ECE Pre-Board – Answers

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Communications Engineering Exam 12 - Answers

Below are the answers key for the 100 items set of Practice Examination 12 in Communications Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions and cautiously selected questions from various topics in Communications Engineering (Electronics Systems and Technology) that could possibly be given in the board.

1. c.) Impulse Noise

2. c.) The strong part.

3. d.) Desensitizing

4. d.) Advance Mobile Phone Services (AMPS)

5. c.) Ship Earth Station

6. b.) 190 mV/m

7. d.) 935-960 MHz; 890-915 MHz

8. d.) 9 kHz

9. b.) 4.5 MHz

10. c.) Double-Conversion

11. b.) Crosstalk

12. b.) By using push-pull amplifier

13. a.) FM

14. b.) Cross-modulation Interference

15. c.) To improve the receiver’s noise figure.

16. b.) ERP

17. d.) The antenna will be physically very large.

18. c.) Ribbon cable

19. d.) Integrity of data

20. b.) Allocates frequency bands for the services and determine the principle of distribution of orbit/spectrum resources

21. b.) Optical fiber

22. c.) Hub

23. c.) Bus

24. d.) Mesh

25. c.) Protocol analyzer

26. a.) Distress

27. d.) 40-75 GHz

28. a.) The numerical ratio relating the radiated signal strength of an antenna to that of another antenna.

29. d.) It may be used for multiband operations

30. c.) 0.25 wavelength

31. c.) N.S. Kapany

32. a.) It is about 5% longer.

33. a.) At the ends

34. d.) To tune out the capacitive resistance.

35. a.) A circuit for detecting FM signals

36. a.) The time required to complete one cycle.

37. a.) EO 467

38. a.) GMDSS

39. c.) Bridge

40. a.) TDM

41. c.) fIF

42. c.) Better Signal Penetration

43. b.) Secondary service area

44. a.) Non-resonant Type

45. c.) D

46. c.) 2 kHz

47. d.) Excite

48. a.) Vertical

49. a.) 3

50. d.) 500 MHz

51. a.) Infrared

52. c.) Fax modem

53. b.) DSB

54. a.) J3E

55. b.) F3E

56. b.) Spectrum Analyzer

57. d.) 140 dB

58. b.) Hand-off

59. b.) MTSO

60. c.) Rhombic

61. c.) P

62. d.) Spurious Signal

63. b.) Broadcasting

64. b.) Add an inductor in series

65. b.) ½ wavelength

66. b.) Node

67. d.) Dial-up

68. b.) Descending node

69. a.) C-Band

70. a.) Local area network

71. c.) Coaxial cable

72. c.) Free space medium

73. b.) Type of modulation of the main carrier

74. c.) Handshake

75. b.) Signal generator

76. c.) Gateway

77. a.) Frequency-division multiplexing

78. d.) Protocol

79. d.) Mobile earth station

80. b.) FM receiver is basically insensitive to amplitude modulation

81. b.) Holding memory

82. a.) The only way to produce an emission F3E signal is with a reactance modulator on the oscillator.

83. c.) Newtons per meter squared

84. c.) Congestion control

85. b.) Detector speed

86. b.) IMTS

87. c.) Nonsynchronous satellite

88. c.) Stereo multiplex

89. d.) High attenuation

90. d.) Cladding thickness is greater than the radius of the core and the diameter of the core must be much greater than the wavelength of the light to be carried.

91. b) WAN

92. c) Polling

93. d) To improve the receiver’s noise figure.

94. d) Use of less repeaters.

95. a) Interconnection

96. b) Λ/4

97. d) Cell to Mobile unit

98. b) Duplex Operation

99. d) First

100. c. A3C

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Communications Engineering Exam 12: ECE Pre-Board – Answers
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