Communications Engineering Exam 13: ECE Pre-Board – Answers

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

Communications Engineering Exam 13 - Answers

Below are the answers key for the 100 items set of Practice Examination 13 in Communications Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions and cautiously selected questions from various topics in Communications Engineering (Electronics Systems and Technology) that could possibly be given in the board.

1. b) Perigee

2. b) FM/TV Stereo

3. c) 1540 kHz

4. b) Refraction

5. b) Reflectometer

6. d) Increase its directivity

7. b) Major lobe radiation

8. b) Efficient use and equitable access.

9. a.) 205 Ω

10. a.) 405.050 MHz

11. b.) Can handle high power signal

12. b.) They process digital information

13. d.) A radio telegraph operator

14. d.) 6.312 Mb/s

15. b.) 90

16. b.) 4.75 MHz

17. d.) Antenna which can be used on more than one band due to the use of parallel LC networks.

18. b.) 20 Hz

19. b.) Sleeve

20. d.) 1.55 ft.

21. d.) Properties of the medium

22. b.) Intermodulation

23. a.) Injection laser diode

24. c.) DCS-1800

25. c.) Digital, analog

26. a.) A3F

27. c.) Bandwidth

28. c.) ITU-T

29. d.) 3-30 kHz

30. d.) A fixed point in an electromagnetic wave

31. c.) Stereo multiplex

32. b.) Direct to Home TV

33. b.) Noise margin

34. b.) Bits are transferred simultaneously

35. d.) 150 MHz

36. c.) 2000 Ω

37. d.) Effective boresight area

38. d.) Serial transmission

39. c.) Aperture antenna

40. d.) 600 ms.

41. c.) Grounded

42. b.) A higher refractive index than the cladding

43. d.) Provide loading coil

44. c.) Increase

45. d.) High power

46. d.) Riser terminal

47. c.) Blocked call

48. c.) Baseband signals

49. a.) Geocenter

50. c.) Yellow

51. c.) Corona discharge

52. c.) Modulation

53. c.) Loading coil

54. c.) C

55. d.) To minimize interference between signals at received end

56. c.) Very weak signals might not be received.

57. c.) Employment of highly directional spot-beam

58. c.) Frequency

59. c.) 4.5 MHz

60. d.) Executive Order 467

61. d.) Council

62. d.) Ratio of the total cross-sectional area to the total cross-sectional area of the fiber bundle

63. b.) 1085 kHz

64. b.) Regulated supply

65. b.) For receiving low and high band stations.

66. c.) Snow

67. d.) Troposphere

68. d.) National Telecommunications Communication

69. d.) Carrier Harmonics

70. b.) Photoresistive Layer

71. d.) 535-1605 kHz

72. d.) Building cable

73. c.) 1.48 MHz to 1.4995 MHz

74. b.) Call completion

75. c.) 24 satellites

76. c.) Antenna efficiency

77. c.) 458 THz

78. b.) Diameter of the core must be very much greater than the wavelength of the light to be carried.

79. d.) Mechanical filter

80. b.) Serial interference standard

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Communications Engineering Exam 13: ECE Pre-Board – Answers
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