MCQs in Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFETs) – Answers

Answers in Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFETs)

Below are the answers key for Multiple Choice Questions in Chapter 13: Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFETs) from the book Electronic Principles 7th Edition by Albert Malvino. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

1. a. Is a voltage-controlled device

2. d. Either one or the other, but not both

3. c. Approaches infinity

4. d. All the above

5. b. Reverse-biased

6. b. Input resistance

7. d. Gate-source cutoff voltage

8. c. Resistor

9. d. Drain current for zero gate voltage

10. c. Nonlinear

11. c. IDSS

12. a. gmrd

13. c. gmrs/(l + gmrs)

14. d. All of these

15. a. Small

16. b. Low input capacitance

17. c. 30 to 300 MHz

18. c. Touching

19. a. Shrinks

20. a. 200 ohm

21. a. Voltage-divider bias

22. b. Negative feedback

23. b. Source resistor

24. d. Mhos or Siemens

25. d. Output current

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