Floyd: MCQ in Thyristors – Answers

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2020)

Floyd: MCQ in Thyristors

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions (Quiz) in Thyristors .

1. E. e

2. B. b

3. C. c

4. D. d

5. A. a

6. B. a UJT.

7. C. an SCR

8. A. varying, width

9. B. a UJT.

10. C. a triac.

11. B. an ac motor control

12. D. this is normal; nothing is wrong.

13. B. an SCS

14. C. 4

15. A. gate.

16. A. SCR

17. B. diac

18. A. triac

19. C. SCR.

20. B. PUT

21. A. SCS

22. B. PUT


1. A. True

2. B. False

3. A. True

4. A. True

5. B. False

6. A. True

7. B. False

8. B. False

9. B. False

10. A. True

Complete List of Chapter MCQ in Floyd’s Electronic Devices

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