Pinoybix Elex is officially on Google Play | First of Pinoybix App bundle series

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(Last Updated On: December 3, 2019)
Pinoybix Elex is officially on Google Play | First of Pinoybix App bundle series

Pinoybix Elex is on Google Play Store

Release Note: Pinoybix Elex V1.0

This Android application covers all the topic in the Electronics Engineering Licensure Exam and Electronics Technician Licensure Exam (Electronics Board Exam). It contains thousands of mcq in electronics engineering properly arranged accordingly for easy navigation. Maximize learning and don’t be left behind with these materials that could possibly increase the chance in passing the ECE Board examinations.

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Following Topics are included according to ECE Board syllabi:


1. Electricity/ Magnetism Fundamentals
> Atomic structure
> Electric charge
> Laws (Ohms, Kirchoff, Coulomb, etc)
> Magnetic power
> Magnetic field/flux
> Magnetic/electric quantities/units
> Magnetic/electromagnet principles

2. Electrical Circuit
> Ac-dc circuits
> Resistors
> Inductors
> Capacitor

3. Solid State Devices/Circuits
> Semi-conductor fundamentals
> Transistor components, circuits, analysis, and design
> Special services (photo, electric, photovoltaic etc.)

4. Power Generator/ Sources/ Principles/Applications
> Cells and batteries
> Electric generator
> Electronic power supply
> Voltage regulation
> Photovoltaic/thermoelectric generator
> Distribution transformers
> UPS/float-battery system
> Converters/inverters

5. Electronic (Audio/RF) Circuit/Analysis/Design Cells and batteries
> Amplifiers
> Oscillators
> Rectifier
> Filters
> Voltage regulation

6. Tests and Measurements
> Volt-ohm-ammeter (analog/digital)
> R-L-Z bridges
> Oscilloscope
> Cable testers
> RF meters
> Signal generators (audio, RF, video)
> Noise generators
> Power/reflectometer/grid dip meter

7. Microelectronics
> Integrated circuits components, characteristics and products
> Operational amplifiers/multivibrators

8. Industrial Electronics Principles/Applications
> Electronic control system
> Industrial solid state services
> Welding systems/high frequency heating
> Feedback systems/servomechanism
> Transducers
> Motor speed control systems
> Robotic principles
> Bioelectrical principles
> Instrumentation and control

9. Computer Principles
> Analog/digital systems
> Binary number system/Boolean algebra
> Mathematical logic and switching networks
> Basic digital circuits (logic, gates, flip-flops, multivibrators etc.)
> Static and dynamic memory devices
> Programming and machine languages
> Information and acquisition processing
> Analog/digital conversion
> Computer networking

Additional Topic:

> Vacuum Tubes

Note: Continuously adding questions on a daily basis to update the test bank. Also additional topics will be included particularly the chosen pre-board examinations and the electronic books mcq.

I am looking forward to congratulate and welcome you as a full pledge Engineer very soon.


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Our app is now available on Google Play, Pinoybix Elex

Get it on Google Play