Floyd Self-test in BJT Amplifiers – Answers

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

Answers for Floyd Self-test in Chapter 6 of Electronic Devices

Below are the answers key for Floyd Self-test in Chapter 6: Bipolar Junction Transistors Amplifiers from the book Electronic Devices Conventional Current Version, 9th edition by Thomas L. Floyd.

1. uses only a small portion of its load line

2. βac

3. 8.33Ω

4. the voltage gain will decrease

5. 66.7

6. is less

7. 8.95kΩ

8. 180

9. 16.5k Ω

10. 10 mV

11. answers (a) and (b)

12. 8.75M Ω

13. very low

14. 50,625

15. 94.1 dB

16. answers (a) and (c)

17. one input is grounded and a signal is applied to the other

18. opposite polarity signals are applied to the inputs

19. an identical signal appears on both inputs

Complete List of Floyd Self-test in Electronic Devices

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