Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 29 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 29

This is the Section 1 Module 29 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 29

1 A nonpolarizing primary wet cell with zinc (negative) and copper (positive) electrodes Daniell cell
2 Output voltage of Daniell cell 1.1 V
3 Dichromate cell electrodes Carbon and zinc
4 For an alkaline cell, the negative electrode is made from zinc and the positive electrode is made of Manganese dioxide
5 Transformer in a power supply with large core size Mains transformer
6 Which of the following is NOT a common capacitor working voltage 15V
7 8.98554 x 10^-11 Stathenry
8 1.112650 x 10^-12 Statfarad
9 3.33585 x 10^-11 Statoersted
10 What is the approximate value of the smoothing factor of a power supply filter 6.28fRC
11 Type of lead with high current, high-heat temperature Silver
12 Type of lead with high melting temperature up to 200°C Tin-lead 50:50
13 Type of lead with melting point as low as 180°C Tin-lead 63:37
14 A power-factor-boosting capacitor connected in parallel with the main winding in an induction motor Motor-run capacitor
15 In Wien effect, . . . . , the voltage must be greater than approximately 1 MV per 50cm
16 What refers to a three-stage binary circuit with feedback from stage three to stage one Divide-by-seven network
17 What refers to the ability of an electronic system to provide a complete series of operations, all in minimum instruction and supervision Smartness
18 A microphone in which highly sensitive in one direction and insensitive to all other directions Supercardioid microphone
19 An adjustable, dual slide wire balancing resistor used to eliminate the necessity of sliding contacts Wenner element
20 Used for calculating the inductance of a multilayer air-core coil Wheeler’s formula
21 For a given orientation and environment for 2 inductors, the value of the mutual inductance doe not change, regardless of the magnitude, frequency or phase of the currents in the coils Neumann’s law
22 What refers to a class of capacitor that is considered obsolete Class 4
23 A strain-gauge bridge is a four-wire resistance bridge in which an electric strain-gauge forms ____ arm 1
24 What is a set of photovoltaic cells connected in series, parallel or series-parallel to produce useful voltages and currents Sun battery
25 A noninductive winding comprising two inductors conducting currents in opposite directions Aryton-perry winding
26 _____ is an step-adjustable universal shunt resistor for varying the resistivity of a galvanometer and has the virtue of keeping the galvanometer critically damped Aryton-mather galvanometer shunt
27 A relatively simple relaxation oscillator made of a neon bulb, capacitor and resistor is called Neon-bulb sawtooth generator
28 What refers to bioelectric pulses of 10 to 1000 mV amplitude of the muscular activity Myoelectricity
29 What is the simplest type of oscillator to design RC relaxation oscillator
30 A circuit breaker in which the occurring arc when the contacts open is quickly extinguished by an external magnetic device is called Deion circuit breaker
31 A circuit breaker in which the occurring arc when the contacts open is quickly extinguished by an external magnetic device is called Deion circuit breaker
32 What is the result of auto-ionization Positive charged atom
33 Several monolithic IC chips are interconnected together to form a large, single-package circuit Monobrid circuit
34 A common germanium OA47 semiconductor diode is which of the following applications Signal detection
35 An alternating current (AC) motor which starts like a two-phase motor and runs like a single-phase motor Split-phase
36 In a split-phase, a centrifugal switch cuts out the starting winding when the machine approaches approximately ____ of full speed 75%
37 What refers to a magnet that reduces the tendency of arcing in relay-control instruments Snap magnet
38 What is the effect of combining a number of 6 db per octave filters together Sharper falloff
39 The gradual increase of transistor leakage current is called Sleeping sickness
40 Inductor used temporarily of usual the same actual value during troubleshooting Substitution inductor
41 A mixer system in which the local oscillator produces two accurate frequencies separated by a several few hundred Hertz Double local oscillator
42 There are four classes of capacitors from class 1 to class 4. What is the relationship between class number and capacitor performance The lower the class number the higher the performance
43 Condition when the relative permeability of the core will be reduced almost to the value for air so the transformer will be almost lost Core saturation
44 What refers to a special short-circuited motor winding that opposes pulsations or rotations of the magnetic field Damper winding
45 The rating of a DC generator based on the size of the conductor and the amount of heat that can be dissipated in the generator Current rating
46 A bridge with an adjustable arm (potentiometer) and a pair of binding poles for each of the other three arms Skeleton bridge
47 An oscillator tube on whose white screen persistence magenta image by the electron beam Dark-trace tube
48 What is the magnetic force between adjacent current-carrying conductor Motor-effect
49 Degradation of hole life due to the presence of magnetic field Suhl effect
50 ______ is a simple potentiometer consisting a single, straight piece of wire resistance with a sliding contact Slide wire
51 ______ is a galvanometer with a movable arm consisting of two identical magnetized needles Astatic galvanometer
52 What is a notch filter with a continuous variable Wien bridge circuits and is tuned to remove a troublesome heterodyne whistle Wien-bridge heterodyne eliminator
53 Observed in the surface of a sample of material, NOT throughout the body of a material Surface effect
54 Popular semiconductor diode low-voltage rectifier diode IN4001
55 In the code of class 1 dielectrics, what is the symbol used to indicate the significant figures of the temperature coefficient in ppm/degree Celsius First class
56 What is the typical range of efficiencies of a transformer encountered in an electronic circuit 80 – 90 %
57 What do you call the strong brown paper used for insulation and as the dielectric of paper capacitors Kraft paper
58 What is the primary caused of buckling of the plates and excessive sediments to build up Overcharging and overdischarging
59 Which of the following is a diode-biased circuit used as an automatic noise limiter Noise clipper
60 In active filter designs, which element or component is NOT needed Inductor
61 The phase angle between signal current and signal voltage Loss angle
62 The tendency for a potential difference to develop at opposite ends of a length of wire Wertheim effect
63 What refers to the movement of dielectric particles through a liquid Electrophoresis
64 _____ is a reinforcing, dielectric material (such as plastic) placed in a ferromagnetic core Slot cell
65 In the cathode-ray tube (CRT) of a storage oscilloscope, ____ is a fine metal mesh electrode that serves as the target in which the image is electrostatically stored Storage mesh
66 An oscillator with two field effect transistors that is equivalent to a collector-coupled bipolar transistor multivibrator Drain-coupled multivibrator
67 What experiment consists of rotating about its axis a hollow dielectric cylinder in a magnetic field parallel to its axis Wilson experiment
68 What is known as the pure resistance of a capacitor for an AC signal Effective series resistance (ESR)
69 A semiconductor diode used to prevent inductive kickbacks in the circuit, reduces or eliminates transients, or prevents arcing between make-and-break contacts Suppressor diode
70 Used in the famous Theremin and is also used in proximity detectors Compression trimmer
71 Some areas covered are secured at all times Zoning circuit
72 An assembly of two series connected transistors in the same envelope is known as the Tandem transistor
73 A movable-coil meter in which the conventional spiral spring of the coil is replaced by two tightly stretched, thin, straight metal ribbons Taut-band meter
74 An electronic voltmeter in which an unknown AC signal voltage applied to the input of the amplifier stage bucked by an internal, adjustable, accurately known signal voltage is called Slide-back meter
75 What term is sometimes used to denote the unit that supplies energy to a vacuum-tube filament Ans: A power supply


a. B power supply

b. D power supply

c. A power supply

d. C power supply

76 In a digital-to-analog converter, a condition where the output either remains the same or increases for any increase in the input code Monotonicity
77 A servomotor whose shaft has a copper or aluminum drag cup Drag-cup motor
78 A crystal oscillator in which the crystal is connected between the control electrode and ground Miller oscillator
79 A robot-control device via which an operator can program the machine to perform specific movements is called Teach box
80 A natural quartz crystal which produced the piezoelectric plates Mother crystal
81 An inverting parametric amplifier in which the two signals are of the same frequency, which is half of the pump frequency Degenerate parametric amplifier
82 What refers to a highly efficient linear radio frequency amplifier Doherty amplifier
83 The one output of a magnetic cell that has received a partial write pulse train because it was last written into is called Disturbed-one output
84 Analog audio-frequency meter read-out lamp has a typical range of 20 Hz to 100 kHz
85 Digital audio-frequency meter read-out lamp has a typical range of 10 Hz to 15 MHz
86 The frequency signal that reaches the output with no more than -3dB worth of attenuation Passband frequency
87 The tendency of a wire or a metallic bodies to act as an antenna Antenna effect
88 In filter designs, the distortion _____ as the order of chebyshev and butterworth increases Increases
89 A tube that conducts by means of ionization of an internal gas Muller tube
90 An electrochemical cell of very small size such as the one used in watches Miniature cell
91 What do you call a semiconductor that behaves like a metal over a wide range of temperature Degenerate semiconductor
92 The process of shrinking the size and power dissipation of an electronic circuit which uses surface mount technology Microminiaturization

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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