Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 28 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 28

This is the Section 1 Module 28 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 28

1 What is the effect of adding an emitter resistor in the bipolar differential amplifier Degenerate gain
2 SCS differs in SCR because it Has 2 gate terminal
3 What is the slew rate of the 741 op-amp 0.5 V/µs
4 What is the approximate short-circuit output of 741 op-amp 25mA
5 Class B amplification can be used to obtain low distortion for audio applications By connecting 2 identical bipolar transistors biased at cutoff of pinch-off in a push-pull configuration
6 The ratio of rms of the pulsating quantity to its mean value Form factor
7 Biased of base-emitter and base-collector Forward-reverse
8 Valence electron that able to break away from its parent atom Free electron
9 When the needle of an analog ammeter indicates infinity, the resistor being measure is Open
10 Oscilloscope Displaying the analog voltage of individual signal
11 The amount of energy per charge available to move electron from one point to another in an electric circuit Voltage
12 What is the region of amplifier operation in which the coupling and bypass capacitors acts as a short Midband range
13 Across the _____ is where the average DC voltage exists Capacitor filter
14 What is the control element of a simple series voltage regulator Transistor
15 The operating voltage of a reference diode in a linear voltage regulator to obtain best temperature stability is approximately ___ volts 6
16 How many conductors per slot in quadruplex coil winding in the armature of DC generator 8
17 In filter designs, the distortion _____ as the order of chebyshev and butterworth increases Increases
18 Which of the following is a type of cell which has an advantage of maintaining a fairly constant output under varying load condition Mercury cell
19 Typical range of quality factor for crystal oscillators 20,000
20 Current flow of exactly 50% of the signal flow Class B
21 Class C amplifiers has a circuitry efficiency of about ___ percent 85 – 90
22 The measurement of how “pure” or “real” inductor is Q-factor
23 Type of flip-flop in which the data are entered and appear on the output of the same clock edge Edge triggered flip-flop
24 _____ is a type of leadthrough programming that is convenient for continuous path control robots Manual leadthrough
25 The channel in a zero-biased JFET is normally In a conducting state
26 what is used to determine the time difference of the inputs, outputs and flip-flop states State table
27 State table is consists of four sections labeled as ____, ____, ____ and ____ Present state, input, output, next state
28 What is the typical breakdown voltage of a DIAC 20 – 40 V
29 What is the TRIAC voltage capability in volts 1000 V
30 In arc welding, what is the typical range of current or the power supply to create an electric arc between an electrode and the base material to melt the metals at the welding point 50 – 450 A
31 Which of the following is NOT a diamagnetic material Manganese
32 Ferrites are made of what material Ceramic
33 The typical value of the triggering anode gate for SCS devices is ___ mA 1.5
34 Type of robot programming where the program is prepared on a separate computer terminal and eliminates the need of leadthrough methods Simulation programming
35 In a switch-mode power supply, the transistor switches at the rate typically in the range of 10kHz – 40kHz
36 Type of capacitor that is mainly found in SMD form and are used extensively in RF and microwave applications Porcelain capacitor
37 What is the range of the required frequency of ECG signal 0.05 – 150 Hz
38 Typical amplitude of differential signals between electrodes over different parts of the brain in an EEG 10 – 300 microvolts
39 The visible blue or red glow caused by ionization of the air molecules when the high voltage of a sharp, pointed wire discharges into the atmosphere is called Corona
40 What refers to the value of current below which a silicon controlled rectifier switches from conducting to the forward blocking region Holding current
41 The purpose of an additional RC filter section in a power supply circuit Decreases the AC voltage component
42 The current gain of a common base BJT configuration is Just less than 1
43 What type of core that has high flux density like iron but is an insulator Ferrite core
44 What type of core when used in a coil, has minimum eddy current losses due to its resistance Ferrite core
45 Exhibits an equiripple amplitude in the pass band Chebyshev filter
46 Exhibits maximum flatness possible in the pass band Butterworth filter
47 What is the ratio of the DC output power at the load to the power rating (volt-ampere) of the transformer Transformer utilization factor
48 What type of instrument transformer is used to measure or monitor the voltage on transmission lines and to isolate the metering equipment from the lines Potential transformer
49 A circuit whose output voltage is proportional to the area under the curve of the input voltage is called Integrator
50 A circuit whose output voltage is proportional to the slope of the input voltage is called Differentiator
51 An amplifier with an output voltage proportional to the average of all the input voltages Averaging amplifier
52 What refers to the force that holds the electrons in the orbit Electrostatic force
53 What meter is used to measure AC currents, generally from the 60Hz AC power signal without breaking open the circuit Amp-clamp probe
54 What is the frequency-determining component in the Wien bridge oscillator Resistors and capacitors
55 The specified value of holding current for SCRs means that the Device will turn off when the anode current falls below this value
56 Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) can produce a temperature up to _____ degree Fahrenheit 35,000
57 To ensure stable operation, op-amps are built with internal compensation circuitry, which also causes the very high open-loop gain to diminish with increasing frequency. The gain of reduction is referred to as Roll-off
58 In logarithmic amplifier, where and how is the diode placed in the circuit to work as Forward biased in the feedback, replacing the Rf of an inverting op-amp
59 Connecting the output to the input of the other Cascading
60 An industrial welding technique where high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces is called _____ welding Ultrasonic
61 In a typical transistor amplifier active region, the VCE is usually ____ percent of the VCC 25 – 75
62 Generation of small voltage in the depth of a conductor Hall effect
63 Quartz crystal when stress is applied Piezoelectric effect
64 Reduction of voltage measurement in a voltmeter Loading effect
65 Inability of a capacitor to completely discharge to zero Dielectric effect
66 Typical range of a ceramic disk type capacitor 1pF – 0.22 F
67 Electromagnetic spectrum wavelength range in nanometer of germanium materials used in photodiode 400 – 1700
68 If the feedback signal (current or voltage) is applied in such a way that it is in-phase with the input signal and thus increases, the feedback is a ______ feedback Positive
69 Regenerative feedback or direct feedback Positive feedback
70 Temporarily stores the most recently used data Cache memory
71 What refers to a non-volatile read/wire random access semiconductor memory in which data are stored in the floating charge of any type of FET Flash memory
72 Has a 180° phase shift RC phase shift oscillator
73 Most common local oscillator in a superheterodyne radio receiver Colpitts
74 Composed of a diode, capacitor and transistor which is used to shift the level of a signal Clamper
75 “all or nothing” gate AND
76 What type of lead in ECG is used to record the voltage differential between the wrists and legs Bipolar
77 The higher the Q-factor of the inductor, The fewer losses are there
78 In industrial robotic arm, it must have a capacity from 1kg to ____ kg 300
79 In a good differential amplifier, what is the typical range of values of CMRR 80 – 100 dB
80 What type of battery is used in pacemakers Lithium iodide
81 A pulsating DC voltage is which of the following application Battery charger
82 What refers to the type of charging where the charger and the battery are always connected to each other to supply current in the load Floating charge
83 Switch-mode power supply is a converter circuitry that consists of arrangement of ____, ____, ____ and ____ Inductor, capacitor, diode, transistor
84 What is a dc-dc converter with an unregulated input DC voltage and regulated output voltage Switch-mode power supply
85 What is a relaxation oscillator where frequency can be changed by varying the output DC control voltage Voltage controlled oscillator
86 To start oscillation, BA must be greater than 1 and the Phase shift around the feedback network must be 180°
87 What is the ratio of the input impedance with series feedback to that without feedback 1 + BA
88 To obtain self-sustained oscillation, the condition must be which of the following BA = 1
89 ____ motor is solar-powered, magnetically levitated electric motor wich consists of a four-sided rotor Mendocino
90 Which of the following is a disadvantage of a CMOS device They can be damaged by electrostatic discharges
91 What is the typical range of ferrite relative permeability 50 – 200 V
92 _____ provides shortcut for finding the common voltage between any number of parallel branch Reciprocity theorem
93 The current gain of a Darlington pair is Superbeta
94 Difference between the two op-amps input currents Input offset current
95 _____ rectifier are formed from stacks of square or round, aluminum or steel plated with a 1 micrometer of bismuth or nickel Selenium
96 Silicon carbide semiconductor materials are used in thyristors because it is capable to operate at temperature of up to ____ degree Celsius 350
97 Force applied in the reverse direction to reduce flux density to zero Coercive force
98 Time between the changing state of the input and the beginning of the response in the output Delay time
99 The process of shrinking the size and power dissipation of an electronic circuit which uses surface mount technology Microminiaturization
100 Class B amplification can be used to obtain low distortion for audio applications By connecting 2 identical bipolar transistors biased at cutoff of pinchoff in a push-pull configuration

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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