Chapter 9: Video Test Signals – Grob TV

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Chapter 9: Video Test Signals

This is the Chapter 9: Video Test Signals end chapter exercise in Basic Television – Grob TV as one of the Electronics Engineering topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Exam Questions in Electronics Engineering field, Electronics Books, Journals and other Electronics References.

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Chapter 9

Video Test Signals


  • a. In the test pattern, the H resolution measures the vertical lines.
  • b. How many horizontal details can be resolved with 300-line resolution? 400.
  • c. How many gray-scale steps are in the EIA test pattern? 10.
  • d. Smooth diagonal lines show good interlacing.


  • a. The line in the vertical wedges indicates horizontal resolution.
  • b. How many actual horizontal details correspond to the resolution of 210 lines? 280.
  • c. What video frequency corresponds to 240 lines of horizontal resolution? 3 Mhz.


  • a. Excessive gain at 3.75 Mhz cause ringing.


  • a. Monoscope is a special type camera tube with a fixed image of a test pattern printed on the target.
  • b. A fixed image is engraved on the target plate of the Monoscope. T.


  • a. A ball chart is used with crosshatched pattern.
  • b. The ball chart test is for the camera.
  • c. The maximum permissible nonlinearity for broadcast cameras is 2 percent.


  • a. Which peak C value matches 100 percent white in amplitude? Cyan.
  • b. A vectorscope is an oscilloscope.


  • a. How many IRE units is the white window signal? 100.
  • b. How many microseconds is the width of the window signal? 26.25 µs.


  • a. A T sine-squared pulse have an HAD of one picture element.
  • b. A 2T sine-squared pulse has an HAD of 0.25 µs.
  • c. A 2T sine-squared pulse has no high frequency components above 4 Mhz.
  • d. A modulated 12.5T pulse has a peak amplitude higher than the flat part of the window signal. This means that the gain for 3.58 Mhz is too high.


  • a. How many H lines wide is the vertical sync pulse? 3.
  • b. What is the count for the H line just after all the equalizing pulses? Line 10.


  • a. What is the p-p value for a 3.58 Mhz signal on each step of the modulated stair-step in IRE units? 7.5.


  • a. Which two lines in V blanking are used for VITS? 17 and 18.
  • b. What line is used for the mulitiburst test signal? 17.
  • c. What is the highest test frequency in the multiburst? 4.2 Mhz.


  • a. Name the test signals transmitted in the vertical blanking interval. VIRS and VITS.
  • b. VIRS is transmitted on line 19.
  • c. Which test signal has the reference values for the chroma phase and amplitude? VIRS.


  • a. The SMPTE code uses lines 12, 13 and 14 in the vertical blanking time.
  • b. SMPTE – Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers
  • c. SMPTE time code is used to identify the program material, time of day, frame number, and other production information.
  • d. Videotext – when data are distributed in the form of video signals
  • e. Teletext – method of using TV broadcast signal. It is the system of transmitting communications signals in the vertical blanking interval, by either broadcast or cable television.
  • f. Visual captions for the TV picture can be encoded in the V blanking time. T

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