Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 27 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 27

This is the Section 1 Module 27 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 27

1. Used in IC fabrication to remove organic compound


2. Reduced barium titanate

Class III

3. In a photoconductive cell, resistance is __________ with the incident light

Inversely proportional

4. GaAs and GaP is used in LED because

Emit more light

5. It is a two cascaded transistors


6. Hays Bridge used to determine

inductive reactance with large phase angle

7. Heaviside-Campbell Equal ratio bridge- used to determine

self- inductance with known mutual inductance

8. Different reactances in opposite arm

Maxwell L/C Bridge

9. Resistance changes with temperature

Temperature coefficient

10. 10-1000GHz

IMPATT diode

11. Unit of Electrical Intensity

V/m or N/C

12. Output of differential amplifier with the same input


13. Photovoltaic cell must be _____ before illuminating

Reversed bias

14. Silk on a glass


15. Fur on a rubber


16. When an inductive reactance is added by complex wave form

Shows less distortion

17. What is the ideal dc output of a capacitor-filter?

Equal to the Peak Rectified Voltage

18. Ratio of diode voltage to diode current

DC resistance

19. Minute fluctuation of capacitance


20. It is not an element of ASM

Start Box

21. Voltage range Zener Diode


22. It has low temperature capacitance and good stability


23. Why is silicon used in zener applications

High temperature and current capacity


Mainframe computer

25. Input charge voltage of vehicle battery

Bench Mark

26. Tape is continuously run while being read and write

Stream Tape Running

27. Tape sector under head

Latency Time

28. NOR flip-flop to latch

R = 0, S = 0

29. Conditional output box of ASM Chart


30. Voltage of capacitor with third harmonic


31. For decision box in ASM Chart


32. State box in ASM chart


33. Average time to move from a head from one location

Average Seek Time to another location

34. It commands and manipulates data

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

35. An amplifier where the output voltage in directly

Averaging Amplifier proportional to all input voltages

36. Commonly used semiconductors

Si, Ge & GaAs

37. Temporary data storage, LIFO (last in first out)


38. Region in Zener diode with current opposite the

Zener Region direction of forward biased

39. Comparing the capacitance of two air capacitors

De Sauty

40. What creates the depletion region?

All of the above (Diffusion, Ionization & Recombination)

41. Moving instrument when ___.

Damping force act in a moving system of an indicating

42. CMMR of ideal differential amplifier


43. Wattage rating depends on factors:

All of the above

44. Base follows ____ voltage

Series voltage regulator amplifier of emitter-follower

45. Op Amp usually employs _____.

Negative Feedback

46. The highest undistorted frequency of op amp

Power Bandwidth

47. Periodic waveform of half wave symmetry has no ____.

Even Harmonics

48. It adds and subtracts known voltage

Level Shifter

49. Coding data having 80 columns & 12 rows

Hollerith Code

50. Maximum usable range for 1000 rated load except 1/8 watt

10 %

51. It measures inductance

Maxwell-Wien Bridge

52. “Reduction of effective resistance…”

Boella effect

53. Generation of computers that rely on parallel processing

Sixth Generation

54. Chip of two 555 timer


55. Standard commercialized used in tape recording

Nine Track

56. Capacitance is not influenced by ____

Plate Thickness

57. Efficiency of Copper Indium Selenium (CIS)

3 – 15%

58. Time it takes to read data

Access Time

59. It is not a “local memory” device

PCI Status Register

60. Distinct advantage of LCD display to LED

Extremely Low Power

61. Holds recently read and frequently read data

Cache Memory

62. Speeds up operation of processing system for

Adding Cache Memory sorting small tables

63. Speeds up operation in processing system since it is

Adding Main Memory limited to 1 MByte

64. What computer has discrete signals?

Digital Computer

65. Drain voltage has large amount to exceed the depletion region

Punch through

66. Convert hexadecimal equivalent of 0x0F4E4?


67. Refers to power factor, power dissipation of capacitor

Tangent of loss

68. Steepness

Slew rate

69. First byte in machine language


70. 2 types of machine language

Opcode and operand

71. Efficiency of single crystal photovoltaic cell?


72. What is foreground processing?

Running program in real time

73. Increase in capacitance, in replacing other dielectric in vacuum

All of the above (Relative permittivity, dielectric constant, relative capacitivity)

74. Cascading two amplifiers.

Increase in overall gain and overall bandwidth

75. FET current drain is flowing 50% of the cycle.

Class B

76. When the op amp output is connected to inverting input.

Voltage follower

77. Minimum energy that the electron can break the

Band gap energy covalent bond

78. NAND RS Flip-flop has an output when ___.

R = 1, S = 0

79. Inexpensive and capable of maintaining conductivity

Liquid Nitrogen and has a boiling pt of 78K.

80. Non-sinusoidal wave form.

Different sinusoidal waveform

81. Advantage of toroidal to solenoid.

Magnetic flux is within the core

82. Can handle small amount of change in dc resistance

Carbon composition resistor in the frequency of about 100kHz

83. An ideal transformer has _____.

All of the above (no core loss, no winding resistance, infinite permeability)

84. PN junction is always

Forward biased

85. Minimum ambient temperature in EIA precision

125 degree Celsius

86. Supertension cables has


87. Ceramic capacitor temperature chorva

Class I

88. Anderson bridge is the modification of

Hays Bridge

89. To illuminate the photodiode

Reverse Bias

90. Ceramic capacitor use to Bypass, coupling and decoupling

Class I

91. Parameter in common base current gain


92. Program lies between software program and computer

Operating Program hardware

93. Not a control character


94. Number of data stored per square in of the disc

Aerial Density

95. LASCR operates like


96. Microprocessor operation in virtual mode

Emulation Mode

97. GaAs illuminates in what region

Infrared Region

98. What does 6M means in computer?

6 x 1020

99. Op Amp Series Voltage Regulator has its output

zener diode and voltage voltage considering divider resistors

100. Permanent Magnet Coil

meter only for dc measurements

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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