MCQ in Fiber Optics Communications Part 4 – Answers

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2020)

MCQ in Fiber Optics Communications Part 4 | ECE Board Exam

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Fiber Optics Communications Part 4.

151. photophone

152. 3 repeaters

153. approximately 1.0 MHz

154. Baird and Hansel

155. 400 Mbits/s

156. 40 GHz

157. Van Heel, Hopkins and Kapany

158. reverse bias

159. Kapany

160. Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow

161. Theodore Maiman

162. a 1500-pair cable

163. Kao and Bockham

164. a light directed toward a surface

165. Kao and Bockham

166. Infrared

167. Avalanche photodiode

168. 770 nm to 10^6 nm

169. separating light into its component frequencies

170. Visible light

171. coherent

172. Avalanche photodiode

173. 390 nm to 770 nm

174. Ultraviolet

175. The angle is determined by the index of the materials

176. 10 nm to 390 nm

177. monochromatic

178. static fatigue

179. the point at which light has gone from the refractive mode to the reflective mode

180. index of refraction

181. Plastic core and glass cladding

182. stress corrosion

183. Plank’s law

184. forward bias

185. excited state

186. Spontaneous emission

187. Absorption

188. infrared

189. Photons

190. Photometry

191. a number which compares the transparency of a material with that of air

192. Radiometry

193. laser

194. Luminous flux density; Lumens per unit area

195. Optical power

196. Optical power

197. the number of wavelengths each fiber can support

198. Radiant flux

199. violet

200. 29.1 dB

Questions and Answers in Fiber Optics Communications Series

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Complete List of MCQ in Communications Engineering per topic

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