Floyd: MCQ in Voltage Regulators – Answers

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2020)

Floyd: MCQ in Voltage Regulators

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions (Quiz) in Voltage Regulators .

1. D. load and line regulation.

2. B. limit current through the diode.

3. A. shunt regulators

4. D. to provide current up to a maximum, but drop current to a lower value when the output becomes shorted, to prevent overheating of the device

5. B. a dc output that is the negative of the dc input voltage

6. C. 20.2 V

7. C. 1.5 A

8. D. a step-down switching regulator.

9. B. a shunt voltage regulator.

10. A. a series-pass voltage regulator.

11. C. high, high

12. D. filtering the dc pulse output.

13. A. to supply a reference voltage.

14. C. 4.05%.

15. B. 1.45 A, 10.09%

16. D. 22.5 W

17. B. 8.36 V.

18. B. decrease.

19. D. the zener would fail.

20. A. a longer

21. A. dc

22. A. Line

23. B. Load

24. C. transistor

25. C. transistor

26. B. shunt, series

27. B. low, high

28. D. 90

29. B. 3


1. A. True

2. B. False

3. A. True

4. B. False

5. A. True

6. B. False

7. B. False

8. A. True

9. A. True

10. A. True

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