Electronics Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 10

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2018)Electronics Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 10

This is the Section 5 Module 10 of the compiled Electronics Coaching Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and other Electronics References. This particular Coaching Notes in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Coaching: Section 5 Module 10

Microprogram – a set of instructions indicating primitive instruction

Monolithic – active, passive devices are formed in one process

The input impedance of OP-Amp is high, the input current is therefore small

Ninzk Gantry Robot – used for good position precision

Early Effect – refers to the narrowing, also known as base width modulation

Hall-Effect – in a specimen is formed when a current is placed in a magnetic field. The resultant field produced is normal in both direction of current, magnetic field

Sediments that formed at the bottom of the lead acid battery is composed mainly of Antimony-lead alloy

-3dB – half power bandwidth

ECL – very high speed

Prismatic – end effector linear

Monostable vibrator – divide frequency by 2

Microprocessor – use 3 buses

Arc welding – does not belong to the resistance welding technique

Kelvin’s double Bridge – 0.02 to 0.05%

Height of tower is increased – capacitance decreases but inductance remain unchanged

Manipulator – allows the movement of robot arm

Switching regulator – most efficient regulator

Series motor – highest torque

Wiedmann Franz Law – thermal conductivity to electrical conductivity

Megger – measures high resistance

IEEE 488 digital interface – most important standard instrumentation

Galvanized Steel – used in grounding

Bolometer – device whose resistance changes when heated

Clamper – introduced a dc level in the ac level

Indium – doping element not used when intrinsic is change to extrinsic

Semiconductor has negative coefficient

All solid has 6 degrees of freedom

Status Flag – determines the result of ALU operation

Multivibrators – generates non sinusoidal waveform

System error – due to instruments

Voltage equivalent of temperature – dependence of diode current to temperature

Rectangular coordinate system – for displaying inductive, resistive and capacitive components of an impedance

Thermal Neutron – also called slow neutron

De Sauty bridge – most useful bridge in comparing capacitance of air capacitor

Einstein Relation – used to describe that the drift current density is proportional to mobility and diffusion constant

Calibration – method of making adjustment of a scale so that it would agree to the certified standard

Handshake – solution to problem of connecting asynchronous devices

Gimmick capacitance – smallest capacitance formed when twisting two insulated wire

50 ohms – impedance of wire which is design to be used

Emitter current is heavily doped because it has to dissipate maximum power

PIV – maximum voltage that the diode can handle without damage

Bench change – change when the cell is removed from its storage

Direct coupling – coupling which provides interference in a circuit

Ondograph – an instruments which records the wave shape of voltage and current

Fermi-Dirac energy distribution function – is a distribution equation which explains the distribution of energies among different electrons within a crystal at a given temperature

Electron ballistics – measures trajectories

Advantage of CMOS family to TTL family – much reduced power

RC coupling – popular in low level audio amplifier due to its low cost

Abundance Ratio – ratio of number of atoms of one isotope

Permanent magnet – for direct measurement of DC voltage

Fuzzy logic – totally false to neutral to totally true

Pi network – can be two inductors, 1 capacitor or vise versa

Trickle charging – helps to keep a battery fresh, fully charged

Watt-hour Meter – an instrument that reads the electrical energy consumption of a consumer

Program counter – points to the next instruction

· High video disc

Ans: Blu ray disc

· Blue diodes

Ans: Shuji Nakamura

· DVD specs


Sided Layer
DVD-5 Single Single
DVD-9 Single Double
DVD-10 Double Single
DVD-14 Double Double (one side)
DVD-18 Double Double (both sides)

· Best for heavy loads

Ans: Polyphase motor

· Blu-ray disc capacity

Ans: 50 GB

· Gibibyte (GB)

Ans: 4.37

· DVD wavelength

Ans: 650 nm

· CD wavelength

Ans: 780 nm

· Blue violet wavelength

Ans: 405 nm

· Superconductive thin-film resistor

Ans: Persistor

· Metal arc tip

Ans: SMAW (Shielded metal arc welding)

· AC voltage frequency converts

Ans: Cycloconverter

· Mixing of printouts from several meters

Ans: Spooling

· Motivating input control systems

Ans: Command input


Ans: Stack

· Difference of feedback to source signal

Ans: Actuating input

· 1.2 H

Ans: Ferromagnetic pot core

· Pot core

Ans: Large inductance in small volume

· Advantage of Half wave to Full wave

Ans: uses whole transformer

· 100 Hz staircase signal

Ans: 200

· Comparator with hysteresis

Ans: Schmitt trigger

· Smallest turn off time


· Equal turn on or turn off

Ans: GTO

· Protection of all media

Ans: Cryptomeria Cipher (C2) algorithm

· Negative resistance region

Ans: UJT

· Wien Bridge operating frequency

Ans: 1/2πRC

· Combinational Bias

Ans: Voltage Divider

· Most popular push-pull

Ans: Quasi-complementary

· Good engineering practice

Ans: Same resistances

· Highest input impedance


· Metallic rectifier

Ans: Dry disc rectifier

· A high sensitive material

Ans: is a good permanent magnet

· Act as one direction rather than two

Ans: Metallic rectifier

· Increasing proportionally and sudden decay waveform

Ans: Sawtooth wave

· Leading edge of trapezoidal

Ans: Jump voltage

· Bidirectional, permanent magnet

Ans: Stepper motor

· Point to point

Ans: Bang-bang robot

· More computer generated microprocessor

Ans: Third generated robot

· Synchronous speed change number of poles and input ____ voltage

Ans: Frequency

· Attached end arm

Ans: Manipulator

· Degrees of freedom

Ans: Range of axis

· Angular movement perpendicular

Ans: pitch or bend

· Most common change in phase of motor

Ans: Half-converter

· Measures distortion

Ans: Spectrum analyzer

· Most accurate measurement of distortion

Ans: Wave analyzer

· Used for center tap

Ans: Balanced Winding

· Colpitts using small capacitor

Ans: Clapp oscillator

· Type of filter feed on the signal on tweeter and woofer.

Ans: Cross over network

· Add wrist

Ans: 3 degrees of freedom

· 12 cm standard DVD and ___ for mini-DVD

Ans: 8 cm

· Voltage amplifier

Ans: Pre-amplifier

· Capacitor RC filter op-amp

Ans: Polysterene

· Consideration in choosing op-amp

Ans: Filter bandwidth

· 0.7 1 kHz

Ans: alpha cutoff frequency

· Odd parity checker

Ans: XOR

· Smallest ripple voltage

Ans: Multisection LC filter

· Outside source

Ans: Separately excited generator

· 30 V 120 V rms

Ans: uninterruptible power supply

· Lead acid

Ans: Interruptible power supply

· Should never be used until it dies

Ans: NiCad

· Selenium used

Ans: Photocells

· Rheostate

Ans: Can draw more currents

· Monocrystalline

Ans: crystal growth

· IC is made of

Ans: monolithic

· N-type

Ans: Add donor impurity

· kVA units

Ans: per unit system

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