MCQs in Digital and Data Communication Networks Part II – Answers

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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2019)

Answers in Digital Communication Networks - MCQs Part II

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Digital and Data Communication Networks – MCQs Part 2.

51. The components are simpler, less costly, and more reliable

52. Agreed upon in advance between sender receiver

53. Refer to the modem and the computer or terminal, respectively

54. Determined by the sender and receiver, not by the communications system

55. Print one character at a time

56. Involves the interface between people and machines, such as terminals

57. Differ in whether the bits are on separate wires or on one

58. Is less efficient than synchronous, but simpler

59. Entropy

60. How likely symbols are to be repeated

61. Inductance

62. More bandwidth than analog

63. Standard for interfaces between terminal and modems

64. The clocking is derived from the data in synchronous transmission

65. They must contain clock recovery circuits

66. Transmitter section

67. Gray code

68. Equalizer

69. Bipolar

70. An adaptive equalizer

71. Set of symbols

72. 5

73. 1


75. DDCMP does not require special hardware to find the beginning of a message

76. Computer bus

77. Voiceband modem

78. Application independent interfaces

79. Optical fibers

80. Automatic retransmission of a message

81. No signal change at a 1 to 0 transition

82. Data link control

83. Broadcast

84. In-service expansion

85. Unlimited number of stations

86. Digital PBX

87. Digital PBX

88. Fiber optics transmission

89. High-speed file transfers

90. Lower cost telephones

91. The physical layer protocol

92. DTE/DCE interface

93. A recommendation of the CCITT

94. Between peers

95. Local loop standards for a telephone network

96. Not including the user or communications medium

97. Three

98. User data

99. 3

100. Three octets of header plus data

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