Subject: Applied Physics / Physics 2

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Applied Physics Lecture

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Course Description

  • Fluids; thermal expansion, thermal stress; heat transfer; calorimetry; waves; electrostatics; electricity; magnetism; optics; image formation by plane and curved mirrors; and image formation by thin lenses.


  • Physics 1

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the student must be able to:

  • 1. Describe the characteristics of fluids at rest and in motion;
  • 2. Compute the buoyant force on an object immersed in a fluid;
  • 3. Compute the pressure and flow speed of a fluid at any point in a flow tube;
  • 4. Determine the amount of expansion of a given material in relation to temperature change;
  • 5. Determine the change in temperature of a given amount of material that loses or gains;
  • 6. Solve problems about the law of heat transfer;
  • 7. Describe the three methods of heat transfer;
  • 8. Discuss the properties of waves;
  • 9. Describe the modes of vibration of strings and air columns;
  • 10. Solve problems on Doppler Effect;
  • 11. Compute the electric force between electric charges;
  • 12. Compute the electric field due to electric charges;
  • 13. Compute the electric potential due to a charge and electric potential energy of charges;
  • 14. Define electric current, electric resistance and voltage;
  • 15. Solve problems on resistance and cells in series and parallel;
  • 16. State Kirchhoff’s rules and apply them in a given circuit;
  • 17. Compute the magnetic field of a given current-carrying conductors;
  • 18. Compute the magnetic torque on a current conductor in a magnetic field; and
  • 19. Describe image formation by mirrors and lenses.

Applied Physics Course Outline

Following is the list of topics we will discuss in this course:
Applied Physics
LESSON 1: Fluids
LESSON 3: Sound
LESSON 5: Heat

Suggested References

Cutnell, J.D. and K.W. Johnsons. Physics, 4th ed. Halliday, David, Robert Resnick and Jearl Walker. Fundamentals of Physics, 5th ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1996. Serway, Raymond A. and John W. Jewett Jr. Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 6th ed. 2004. Young, Hugh D. and Roger A. Freedman. University Physics, 10th ed. Addison Wesley.

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