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Today I want to congratulate you just for being here because you are one step ahead of fulfilling your ultimate dream of becoming a full pledge engineer.

This website will provide you comprehensive materials, reviewers, practice examinations and references that will enhance your chance in passing the board examination.

The materials are found below and arranged accordingly so that it will be easier for you to navigate the website. I know that you are excited about it but I want you to take some time reading my “Ultimate Guide” to prepare yourself for your big day ahead. I wish nothing but your success when that time come.

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The Three Ultimate Preparations to Survive Engineering Exams:


The goal of passing the engineering licensure examination is very much attainable even for an average student and to those who have been failed many times in their subjects for whatever reasons they had. I am the living proof for I have been in that situation before. Nevertheless, it is not an easy task.

The very first step to achieve your goal is to have focus and prepare yourself for your upcoming biggest examination of your life as an engineering graduate and have a chance to affix the four-letter word in your name legally.

If you are not being able to study hard enough in college don’t ever worry for you are not alone. The important thing is each and every engineering graduates will have a chance, it includes you. Be ready, do whatever it takes and don’t waste the golden chance to prove yourself that you are worthy enough to be called an engineer.


In engineering  perhaps you already knew, learning is a no ordinary thing you need a tons of hardwork, patience and time just to understand the concepts we are dealing with especially the major subjects. The difference is most of the time we analyze, we think, we design, we solve and solve and solve. That is exactly you are going to do months before your licensure examinations.

I think it is a must to have a very good Review Center that will guide you to this enormous work of learning every concepts of each and every subjects included in the examinations. Make sure to read reviews of every review centers of your choice before enrolling so that you could find the perfect fit for you. You will be needing the help and support of your Review Center  so chose wisely. To give you an insight for a good review center the basic requirements is, it should have a systematic and well-planned program for each and every topics in engineering. In addition, the instructors are truly committed and highly competent (based on your reviews/research) to discuss their assigned subjects.

I would also recommend to have your own space near the Review Center. This will give you more focus during the review avoiding any stress and the plague of commuting. Though, I know someone who overcome this struggle and pass the board exam.


There is no such thing as 100% ready before the examinations no matter how long you review. Our mortal mind doesn’t have the capability to know everything. What you need is a perfect confidence the day of the exam that could lessen the pressure. This will only happen if you work hard and had given your best shot during the review. Finally, the most important of all is to ask guidance and blessing from the Omnipotent Being.

All the review materials found on this site are for you, future engineer. I am looking forward to congratulate you and welcome you to the club. May the Almighty God guide you in this great endeavor of becoming a full pledge Engineer.


What are the ultimate secrets of becoming an engineer?

Below are the compiled engineering review materials that somehow will help you prepare for your biggest examinations of your life. Your future will someway depends on that day and when it comes I wish nothing but the best of you. Cheers!

Pre-Board Examinations

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