MCQ in Microwave Communications Part 1 – Answers

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

MCQ in Microwave Communications Part 1 | ECE Board Exam.

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Microwave Communications Part 1

1. Attenuation

2. 8493 km

3. towards the earth

4. S = 3λR/L

5. 10 GHz

6. Sixth

7. Slow fading

8. Slow fading

9. Large reflector

10. Delayed spreading


12. Is equivalent to an LC resonant circuit

13. At the cathode end of the helix

14. All of the above

15. magnetron

16. The absorption of energy by the signal from an electron stream

17. To keep the electrons from spreading out

18. Both B and C

19. 1 to 100 GHz

20. Degree of emission from the cathode

21. Velocity modulation at the input cavity creates density modulation at the output cavity

22. The dimension of each cavity resonator

23. π mode

24. Depends on the formation of charge domain

25. Circulator

26. A narrow, antenna-beam width in the horizontal plane

27. Which may be used to tune the radar receiver

28. A silicon crystal

29. 3000 to 30000 MHz

30. By bunches of electrons passing the cavity grids

31. Ferrite emitter

32. Local oscillator

33. All of these

34. Indicates both the range and azimuth of a target

35. Its physical dimensions

36.  The interval between transmitted pulses

37. The frequency will decrease

38. Adjusting the flexible wall of the resonant cavity

39. Reduce interference from the effects of sea return

40. Allow the transmitter and the receiver to operate from a common antenna

41. 100 watts

42. As a second anode and to prevent the build-up of secondary field

43. May be decreased

44. Its resonant cavity

45. No noticeable effect

46. Isolator

47. All of these

48. The shortest possible time

49. Magnetron

50. Loran C: 100 kHz

Questions and Answers in Microwave Communications and Principles Series

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MCQ in Microwave Communications
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Complete List of MCQ in Communications Engineering per topic

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