MCQ in General Chemistry Part 12 – Answers

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(Last Updated On: February 25, 2020)

Answers in General Chemistry - MCQs Part 12

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in General Chemistry Part 12.

551. technetium

552. nitroglycerin

553. It was the 606th and first successful compound in the search for a syphilis treatment.

554. hydrogen

555. an oscillating charged particle

556. decreases to 10/11 its original value

557. increases by 10 percent

558. the wavelength on the wire can take on only certain values

559. shifts its color towards the red end of the spectrum

560. limits the number of electrons that can occupy an orbital to 2.

561. diffraction

562. n = 6 to n = 4

563. an electron moving at1000 m/s

564. d orbitals are less penetrating than sand p orbitals in the same shell.

565. n = 6, l = 0

566. 8

567. The second ionization energy of K

568. electron configuration

569. the charge on the nucleus experienced by an electron when the shielding effect of other electrons is accounted for

570. a tentative explanation for a natural phenomenon

571. Bacteria in the oysters may have caused the illness.

572. Higher altitude means lower boiling points for water, all other things held equal.

573. an experimental observation

574. a law

575. a description of a pattern or relationship in experimental data

576. a compound of C, H, and O

577. a compound

578. heterogeneous mixture

579. a compound

580. heterogeneous mixture

581. When a certain soft metal is burned in oxygen, lime is produced (with no other products).

582. temperature

583. total mg of caffeine

584. chemical or physical changes occur when the property is measured

585. density

586. a physical, intensive property

587. dietary calories

588. volume

589. calories per serving

590. radius

591. why mass is conserved in chemical reactions

592. 14 times the mass of a hydrogen atom

593. atoms of a single element can have different masses

594. 16 times the mass of a hydrogen atom

595. a rearrangement of atoms

596. simple whole number ratios (more than one possible)

597. the weights of their atoms

598. hydrogen

599. 32

600. 9.6 x 10^18

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