MCQs in Antennas Part V – Answers

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Answers in  Antennas - MCQs Part V

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Antennas – MCQs Part 5.

201. Acts as an antenna array

202. Rhombic antenna

203. Log-periodic

204. Horn

205. Protection of personnel working underneath

206. To prevent re-radiation of the local oscillator

207. Marconi

208. Protection of personnel working underneath

209. High gain

210. Helical

211. Isotropic antenna

212. Effective height

213. Allow the feed to be placed at a convenient point

214. Reduce the bulk of the lens

215. Circular polarization

216. Useful as a HF receiving antenna

217. Log-periodic

218. Connect an inductor in series with the antenna

219. A vertical antenna which is a quarter-wavelength long

220. Must have a vertical receiving antenna for the best reception

221. Has zero dc resistance to ground

222. Both B and C

223. Decrease

224. The antenna’s resonant frequency will increase

225. The field strength varies inversely as the distance from the antenna

226. Both a and b

227. Skywave propagation

228. Doubled

229. Bidirectional radiation pattern in the horizontal plane

230. Vertical quarter-wavelength rod

231. 4.68 ft

232. The numerical ration relating the radiated signal strength of an antenna to that of another antenna

233. The frequency range over which an antenna can be expected to perform well

234. ¼ λ

235. An antenna capable of being used on more than one band because of the presence of parallel LC networks

236. It may be used for multi-band operation

237. It will radiate harmonics

238. The traps form a high impedance to isolate parts of the antenna

239. An element that receives its excitation from mutual coupling rather than from a transmission line

240. By currents induced into the element from a surrounding electric field

241. 20, 000 W

242. 50

243. It is about 5% longer

244. It is about 5% shorter

245. An equivalent resistance that would dissipate the same amount of power as that radiated from an antenna

246. The locations of the antenna with respect to nearby objects and the length/diameter ratio of the conductors

247. At the ends

248. Improved radiation efficiency

249. 6.4 degrees

250. 0.906

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