MCQ in Antennas Part 10 – Answers

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2020)

MCQ in Antennas Part 10 | ECE Board Exam

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Antennas Part 10.

451. Yagi-uda

452. Beamwidth

453. 6 dB over the gain of one antenna

454. 0 dB

455. 2.6

456. Effective height

457. Horizontally polarized

458. 42.9 MHz

459. Space diversity

460. Smith chart

461. Beamwidth

462. Antenna gain

463. Center of the antenna

464. By installing a good ground radial system

465. Loading coil

466. The frequency range over which an antenna can be expected to perform well

467. At feed point

468. Whip

469. A non-radiating load for a transmitter used for testing

470. Bidirectional

471. The element fed by the transmission line

472. Resonant

473. Maximum voltage and minimum current

474. Yagi antenna

475. An equivalent resistance that would dissipate the same amount of power as that radiated from an antenna

476. Antenna

477. -26 dB

478. Antenna efficiency

479. Use of grounded antenna

480. Longer the length

481. Aperture antenna

482. Provide loading coil

483. λ/4

484. An element that receives its excitation from mutual coupling rather than from a transmission line.

485. Direction finder

486. Reduce power

487. Reflector element is 5% longer

488. Their frequencies are low and need very large antennas

489. Provide a multiband operation

490. Antenna gain

491. About 5% shorter

492. Radiation efficiency

493. Hertz

494. All of these

495. Radiation pattern

496. Front-to-back ratio

497. Near field

498. Antenna efficiency

499. Polarization

500. Counterpoise

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Complete List of MCQ in Communications Engineering per topic

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