Oscillators – Gibilisco MCQs in Electronics – Answers

Answers key in Oscillators MCQs

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Chapter 25: Oscillators from the book Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, 5th edition by Stan Gibilisco.

1. Reduces the gain.

2. A stage with gain.

3. A split capacitance in the tuned circuit.

4. Just enough to sustain oscillation.

5. Hartley oscillator.

6. Passes dc but not RF.

7. Air-core coils have better thermal stability.

8. In-phase feedback.

9. Low drift.

10. The thickness of the crystal.

11. Differences in the waveshape.

12. Has most or all of its energy at a single frequency.

13. Is good for use in frequency synthesizers.

14. Exceptional stability.

15. No! Air-core coils work better in RF oscillators.

16. It’s not a cause for worry; it can’t be too high.

17. A common-emitter or common-source arrangement.

18. A waveform analyzer.

19. Serves no useful purpose.

20. Is used as a microwave oscillator.

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