Power Supplies – Gibilisco MCQs in Electronics – Answers

Answers key in Power Supplies MCQs

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Chapter 21: Power Supplies from the book Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, 5th edition by Stan Gibilisco.

1. Pulsating dc.

2. All of the above are generally needed.

3. A TV broadcast transmitter.

4. It uses the whole transformer secondary for the entire ac input cycle.

5. Full-wave, center-tap.

6. The filter.

7. 52.7 V.

8. 70 V.

9. Poor regulation.

10. 28 V.

11. Twice that from a half-wave circuit.

12. A capacitor in parallel and a choke in series.

13. Use two capacitor/choke sections one after the other.

14. Parallel with the filter output, reverse-biased.

15. The filter capacitor(s) must be initially charged.

16. Diode failure.

17. The fuse will blow out right away.

18. A quick-break type.

19. Connected in parallel with filter capacitors.

20. Leave it alone and have a professional work on it.

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